After a short nap for the #86 crew who returned from Varney Speedway after 2:00am, they joined Samantha and her crew with the #81, and the two teams headed to Sunset Speedway for a 30 lap invitational with team member, Steve Laking who brought his #44 Late Model. After an alternator failure was repaired after the first practice and adjusting for a push in the centre of the corners during the remaining practice sessions, the #86 was ready for the feature. Samantha’s car was a little loose and did not require all practice sessions to get it handling to her satisfaction. As the two teams readied for the feature at Sunset speedway, Scott had arrived with his crew at Flamboro speedway for their Sunday invitational. Scott made small adjustments during his practice sessions and he was happy with the car.

At Sunset Speedway, Twenty one cars were in attendance and lined up for two sets of heat races with Sam and Billy in the same qualifier. Samantha started 7th, followed by Billy at the back in 11th. Sam moved up to 5th on the first lap as Billy was marred in heavy traffic at the back. Billy finally moved forward and got by Sam at the half way mark as she had fallen back to 7th. In the final laps, Sam moved up to finish 6th and Billy took over 4th on the final lap. In the second heat, Billy started on the pole and maintained the position throughout the race to get the win as Samantha went to the back after spinning the #19 on the 2nd lap, however she battled back for a 5th place finish. Billy started 6th and Sam 8th for the 30 lap feature and it wasn’t long before Billy went three wide moving into 4th and Sam was racing side by side with the #41 for 8th on the 5th lap. At the half way point. Sam made her way into 7th as Billy made contact with the #64 in a battle for 3rd. The #64 didn’t leave much room on the track and Billy’s #86 pushed up as he dove in a little harder than he should have, however the #64 did not spin as Billy let off the gas to allow him correct the car and then took over 3rd. On lap 18, Sam was having a spirited battle with #26 for 7th , where she drove flawlessly side by side and was able to hold onto the position at the finish. The #10 and #40 were well ahead of the
field at the checkered flag finishing first and second as Billy ran well behind in 3rd, four car lengths ahead of the #64.

At Flamboro Speedway, Scott finished 2nd, behind the #71 in both his heat races and then lined up to start 4th in the feature. The #22 Klotz Auto Repair Ford was handling very well throughout the feature and Scott managed to stay up near the front of the field throughout the 30 laps and finished 6th.

Next up for the Spira ‐ Gunk Team is heading south to Flamboro Speedway for the final Grisdale Triple Crown event on Saturday August 10th. Pit gates open at 5:00pm, qualifying at 6:00pm and racing begins at 8:00pm.