There was plenty of sunshine and no threat of rain as the entire 4-car Spira - Apollo Valve team arrived at Flamboro Speedway for the final leg of the Grisdale Triple Crown event for the Late Model class. The team felt that they had finally resolved the motor problems that have haunted Jake in the #22 over the past few weeks and that the handling of all cars were getting consistently close at the track and that only minor adjustments should be all that was usually required. 

After the first practice, the motor in the #22 was back on track and with Scott and Billy being pretty happy with their cars, the two decided to swap cars for the second practice so that they could compare notes. Billy did not really like how Scotts car handled on the outside, however running down low was good. With this information, the team is going to compare setups and see if they can get Scotts car to handle more consistent in both lanes, while Scott really liked the bigger steering wheel that Billy uses and that the seat was a little farther back and lower. The exchange of cars was enlightening for both drivers and would be a good exercise to run in the future with other drivers.

After minor adjustments for a push condition in the centre for both Samantha and Jake, 17 cars lined up for a single set of heat races. Jake was the lone Spira - Process Group car in the first heat, where he started up front in the pole position. Jake cleared the #03 and then took off ahead of the pack by ten car lengths. It looked like Jake was on a mission to stay far ahead of the field until the half way mark where he over drove the car and because it was a little loose coming off the corners, spun on his own while exiting turn two. After getting the car straight to avoid a caution, Jake joined the back of the field where he gained a position on the final laps to finish 8th. Scott started on the pole for the second heat, followed by Samantha
in 4th and Billy at the back in 7th. On the 3rd lap, Sam moved up to 3rd, Scott battled up front with the #71 on his tail and Billy moved up to 6th. The #71 took over the lead and Scott was in the wrong lane as he quickly fell back to 4th in front of Billy who had just passed Samantha to put her 6th with four laps to go. Scott held onto 4th throughout the final laps with Billy and Samantha behind him in 5th and 6th.

The Spira - Conestoga Roofing cars lined up for the 25 lap feature with Scott 6th, Samantha 7th, Billy 11th and Jake 14th. Scott was in a three wide battle as the race began with Samantha deep in the mix heading to the front until the #03 and #42 got together into the wall and changed up the order, causing damage to Samantha’s car and bringing out the caution. Scott restarted 3rd, Samantha 4th, Billy had moved up to 7th and Jake 13th. Scott moved into 2nd as they passed lap five and then got stuck on the outside that quickly dropped him back to 4th, followed by Billy in 5th, Sam in 6th and Jake remained in 13th. Billy moved by Scott into 4th on the 10th lap and the three Spira cars remained in a tight group as Jake ran in an open gap in 13th. The #31 moved well ahead of the field as they completed the final caution free laps with Billy remaining 4th, Scott 5th, Samantha 6th and Jake gained one position to finish 12th as the race concluded.

Next up for the Spira - Fleet Image Team is a run to Sauble Speedway by Billy and Samantha for the final Dash for Cash event on Wednesday August 14th . Pit gates open at 4:00pm, the grandstands at 5:00pm, and racing begins at 7:00pm.