Clear skies with much cooler temperatures entered the area as Billy headed north to Varney Speedway while Samantha, Jake and Scott headed south to Flamboro.

Billy had four practice sessions to adjust on the Erb & Erb Insurance Mustang and after starting out running lap times in the 15.2 second range, made continual adjustments and brought the times down to 14.2's that were said to be more than competitive at the tight, high banked oval.

The Plasti‐kote #86 machine lined up for the first of two heat races, where Billy started on the pole. Once clearing the BMW that was to his outside for the first lap, Billy moved into the lead where he stayed for the win. In the second heat, Billy started in 5th and managed to move through the field throughout the early laps, however the #36 Honda that Billy has raced with at other tracks found the front first and pulled well ahead of the field. A caution with two laps remaining put Billy beside the #36 for the green, white, checkered finish and it was the #36 who pulled ahead on the last lap to take the checkered flag with the #86 in second.

The Fleet Image Ford started outside pole beside the #85 for the feature with the #36 just behind him. Billy moved into the lead and pulled away as the #85 & #36 fought side by side behind him. After a half dozen laps, Billy was well ahead and catching lapped traffic, however the #36 Honda cleared the #85 and was now closing the gap quickly. A caution on lap twelve for debris on the race track and the ensuing restart would bring the #36 to Billy’s outside. After two laps of side by side racing, the #36 moved in to the lead where he would then take off like a rocket leaving Billy well behind, to finish second. A special thanks goes out to Dave Franks Photography who was at Varney Speedway continuing his 100% support for over 25 years to the many racers and speedways giving them as much exposure in the media as he can.

For the first practice session at Flamboro Speedway, both Jake in the Process Group #22 and Samantha in the Lucas Oil Products #81 were very loose, both saying that they couldn't find any grip on the track. After a conversation with the team, it was decided to make very small air pressure adjustments, thinking that the track may still have been quite dirty from the high winds that had blown dirt onto the track throughout the week. After the second practice, the cars were much better with Samantha’s only complaint being the motor would not accelerate hard coming out of the corner, so a carburetor adjustment was made prior to the heat race.

Jake lined up the #22 Chetty’s Hot Sauce Mustang 2nd in the first heat race, and after the 13 took off to an early lead, Jake dropped down to the inside lane and held on for a second‐place finish. Scotty started the Cambridge Source For Sports #44 6th in the second heat race, followed by Samantha in the Nuco #81 in 7th. The inside lane that Scotty was running took off, however Sam was held up in the outside lane by the #5 and by the time she was finally able to attempt a pass, was trailing the field . At the checkered flag Scotty would come across the line with the win in the #44, and Samantha would bring the #81 across the line in 8th. 

For the 25‐lap feature race, Jake started the Artik Ice #22 on the outside pole, with Scotty 9th, and the Samantha in the RNR Cycle #81 in 16th. On the second lap, the #10 abruptly changed from the inside lane to the outside, and with Scotty on her outside at the time, she was hooked and put into the outside wall, however both cars continued without a caution. The caution flag would fly on lap 5 for the #98 who lost an axle in the middle of turn 3 and 4. Jake was holding his own and restarted 2nd, followed by Samantha in 10th, and Scotty in 12th. The field sorted themselves out after the restart and the #31 put some space between himself and the rest of the field as Sam worked her way around the outside of the Jake as the caution returned for the #37 hitting the wall and stopping on the front‐stretch. Jake restarted the Cloverleaf Farms #22 5th, with Samantha on his outside in 6th, followed by Scott in 7th. On the restart, Sam and Scott cleared Jake and started to work on the group ahead of them which included the 2nd through 4th place cars, Sam was able to get a run on the #18 a couple of times but couldn’t complete the move. The final lap proved exciting as the 71 & 18 got together coming off turn 4, in front of the #81 Gunk Ford, Sam drove to the outside and gave it a valiant effort to take away the positions but came up just shy at the finish line. Samantha brought the Fleet Image #81 home 5 th, followed by Scott in the Snap‐On #44‐6th, and Jake finished 12th – a career high finish for the 11 year old rookie.

Next up for Billy in the #86 is a return trip to Sunset Speedway on Saturday, June 1st where the pit gates open at 2:00pm, main gates at 5:00pm and racing is set to start at 6:30 pm. The #22, #44, and #81 will return to Flamboro Speedway where the pit gates
open at 4pm, the Grandstand gates at 5pm, and the racing begins at 6:30 pm.