With every sponsorship program, there has to be a level of marketing that helps talk about the sponsor and the driver so therefore there’s more awareness spread for all parties. Sponsors look for the marketing so they know their name is out there, while the drivers market themselves to attract more sponsors and fans. There were two teams that took that to another level this year with what they did and they were both recognized at the 2012 Sunset Speedway banquet.

Gary Elliott won the first award. Elliott showcased his car across Ontario, doing many events with different sponsors and groups to promote not only Elliott Racing, but also Sunset Speedway. At some events, he gave away tickets to the speedway so fans could come out and see what they are missing. Elliott is a veteran, racing for over 40 years, and has learned the marketing game. He also is a driver that is valued for being respectful, so therefore a lot of people respect him as a spokesperson, willing to allow them to represent their company.

Bob Phinnemore and Paul Maltese won the second award. They created awareness for Crime Stoppers with their car shows and events at the track. Everybody remembers the t-shirt cannon and other events that happened throughout the year.