Throughout the month of May, the story was simple for the Mini Stock division: Eric Yorke won two features, had a second and a fifth. Well, he made another chapter for the story in June by taking home his third feature victory in the only night that counted for points, June 23rd.

However, it wouldn't be as easy for Yorke to get the victory as in the past as he had to use the lap car of Wendy Adams as a pick to get around Rory Collett with 10 laps to go. 

Now with three feature wins under his belt, he leads the points, 55 points over Dan Britt.


With how the schedule was set-up, there was to be three nights that would've counted for points. However, that turned into only one counting - June 23rd. June 2nd would be called before the drivers even got to the track while on June 8th, they'd get their first round of heats in before the rain would come.

In trying to find an idea of who is strong heading into July, I took the four heats that they ran (including the one that doesn't count for points) and averaged it out to see who stands above the rest.

Warren Paxton would sit atop with the best average finish of the bunch at 1.25. Paxton is not running the full schedule this season as he took a night off to go race at Peterborough Speedway, however still currently sits fourth in points.

Yorke's dominance would be seen through this as he has the second best average at a second, tied with rookie Tyler Dickson. Dickson has impressed many people by how strong he is, despite being, well, a rookie. He currently sits sixth in points, eight points beind Tyler Johnston for fifth.

Collett's strength is shown as he has the fourth best average finish at a 2.5. Collett opened up the season with two nights of mechanical problems, though has finished in the top five the last three points nights. He currently sits ninth in points, though.

Lastly, defending series champion Nicole Podewils has the fifth best average at a 2.75. She is running a part-time schedule this season due to going to college, however has finished in the top 10 in each of her outings this year.


Rookie Tyler Dickson Continues to Impress

Dickson continued his success into June as he won a pair of heats, finished third in the other two and came home with a seventh place finish in the feature. The only question that people are left asking is: When will Dickson win his first feature race of the season?


First Time Winners......

Bill Pearsall made his first start of the season at Sunset on June 23rd and showed that he was a strong contender right from the start, winning his first heat while finishing third in his second heat. 

Sophmore driver Tyler Johnston would find the key to victory lane as he would score his first ever career heat victory. 

Rookie Ken Townsend would also find the key as he scored his first ever career heat victory, too.


Bad Luck Bites.....

While Rob Krystal had a decent month of May, his June would be bitten by bad luck as he would suffer motor problems on June 23rd. Despite that, Krystal still sits third in points, 38 points behind Britt for second. Will he be ready to go for this weekend?



KUDOS to Eric Rainey for his pair of top five finishes in the heats. Rainey is certainly improving from being a back of the pack runner last season.

KUDOS to Scott Burlovich and Nick Tooley on their top five heat finishes. Like Rainey, they are showing their strength in improving from back of the pack cars.