After Randy Rusnell the first four features of the year in May, there was a question that many asked - would we see a different face grace victory lane in June? Well, to answer that question, yes.

'The Thrillbilly' Lane Zardo drove his No. 46 Natural Exhaust, Better Contracting and Holmes Monte Carlo to feature victory lane on June 8th. Zardo grabbed the lead on lap 10 from Dennis Cybalski as he was able to become the second different driver to grace feature victory lane. Rusnell finished second, followed by Cayden Lapcevich, Cybalski and Paul Geniole Jr.

'The Rocket' Randy Rusnell would return to victory lane the week after to pick up his fifth feature victory of the year behind the wheel of his No. 72 Spira Fire Protection/Truck Trans Monte Carlo. Zardo finished second, followed by Dan Archbald, Cybalski and Donny Munce.

The only other event that would happen on Sunset Speedway's high-banks for the Super Stocks in June would be the 50-lap feature on Sunday June 16th. In the end, it'd be Matt Bentley driving his No. 21 Bentley Motorsports Super Stock to victory lane.

The invitational wasn't short of excitement, though.

After a late caution with 10 laps to go, it’d be Lapevich leading Zardo, Bentley, Donny Beatty, Travis Hallyburton, Munce, Dan Price, Archibald, Kevin Albers and Ryan Semple. 

On the restart, Lapcevich would clear Zardo, though down the front stretch, Zardo would go to dive underneath for the crossover. However, the caution would fly before Zardo got to play out his move for a flat tire on Semple’s car.

Then on the restart, the flat tire madness would continue as Zardo would bring out the caution with a right front flat on his car.

The restart would see tight racing between Lapcevich and Bentley for the lead, with Lapcevich getting loose underneath Bentley in turn two and going around. Bentley would be deemed “not involved” and get to keep his spot.

Matt Bentley would hold on the final laps to pick up his first feature victory of the season. Travis Hallyburton finished second, followed by Donny Munce, Lane Zardo and Donny Beatty. 


Best Heat Average (excluding the invitational) for the Month of June - Lane Zardo - 1

For the month of June, Lane Zardo won each of his four heats to therefore give him a perfect average for the month. Zardo would also win both of his heats at the June 16th invitational, as well.

Rusnell has the second best average at 1.25 after three wins and a second.

'The Prodigy' Cayden Lapcevich had the third best average behind the wheel of the No. 76 Tim Hortons Toyota at 1.75. He had three seconds and a first.

Paul Maltese had the fourth best average behind the wheel of his No. 28 Crime Stoppers Monte Carlo at 3. He had a second, two thirds and fourth for the month.

'Doomsday' Dan Archibald as the fifth best average at 4.667. He had a sixth, third and fifth for the month. He missed a feature due to being blackflagged for misconduct on June 8th.


Best Feature Average - Randy Rusnell and Lane Zardo - 1.5.

In the first feature, Zardo won followed by Rusnell. In the second heat, Rusnell won followed by Zardo. So, I think you get the idea that these two top the list for the month.

Dennis Cybalski had the third best average at fourth after finishing fourth both nights. Cybalski has had the benefit of starting at the front due to his points position so if he can get that car hooked up, he could have the advantage over Rusnell and Zardo.

Lapecvich had the fourth best average at 4.5 after a third and sixth.

Maltese and Geniole tied for the fifth best average at 6.5. Maltese had a sixth and a seventh while Geniole had a fifth and an eighth.


Rusnell....Lapcevich....Bentley....Zardo.....Geniole...Maltese......this division is full of talent. Be sure to check them out every Saturday at Sunset Speedway as they always put on a show :)