A first time winner and a return to victory lane for another driver after a thrilling finish sum up this month. Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the Super Stock Month in Review Round 3.

The night started off with a bang as it was Paul Geniole Jr. going to victory lane for the first time in his career after holding off Dan Archibald in the final laps of the feature. Randy Rusnell would finish third, followed by Lane Zardo and Dennis Cybalski.

When it came to the Sauble Speedway cars visiting Sunset Speedway for the Home-to-Home Series, it was Sauble Speedway regular Joe Adams picking up the victory. As stated in the article following his win, Adams is a threat to win at whatever track he goes to, proving it by winning the Autumn Colors Classic last October. Rusnell would finish second, followed by Ken Grubb, Zardo and Archibald.

In the final feature of the month, it looked like Archibald would pick up his first career Super Stock feature victory as he started upfront and led outfront of the field. However, it wouldn’t be Archibald’s night as Rusnell would close the gap with three laps to go and pass Archibald on the last lap for the win. It marked Rusnell’s sixth victory of the season. Archibald finished second, followed by Zardo, Geniole Jr. and Paul Maltese. A nice gesture happened in victory lane that night, too, as Archibald and Rusnell shared a hug with each other following the race.


Best Heat Average of the Month – Randy Rusnell – 1.75

Please note: the averages do not count the night that Sauble visited.

Rusnell would have the best average at 1.75 following three wins and a fourth.

Cayden Lapcevich and Lane Zardo would tie for the second best average at 2.25. Lapcevich had a win, a pair of seconds and a fourth while Zardo had a win, a second and a pair of thirds. Lapcevich’s month as far as feature action didn’t go as planned as he finished eighth and 12th in the pair of the features.

Archibald had the fourth best average at 2.5 after a pair of wins, a third and a fifth.

Geniole Jr. and Maltese tied for the fifth best average at third. Geniole Jr. had a pair of seconds, a third and a fifth while Maltese had a second, a pair of thirds and a fourth.


Best Feature Average of the Month – Rusnell and Archibald – 2

Two drivers tied for the best feature average for the month of July – Rusnell and Archibald. Rusnell had a third and a win while Archibald had a pair of seconds.

It should be noted that the third place for Rusnell came after borrow Steve Cashmore’s car. During the second heat, Rusnell broke a timing chain on his motor. As a result, he stepped into Cashmore’s car for the feature and was still able to come home with a third place finish.

Over the past of the year and a half, Archibald has shown continued improvement in his driving and looks to possibly be the next driver to break into victory lane.

Geniole Jr. would have the third best average at 2.5 after a win and a fourth.

Zardo had the fourth best average at 3.5 after a fourth and a third.

Maltese and Cybalski would tie for the fifth best average at 5.5. Maltese finished sixth and fifth in his features, while Cybalski finished fifth and sixth in his features. Neither driver has won a feature this year, though could possibly break the door this coming month.


So far this year the wins have been shared between Randy Rusnell, Lane Zardo and Paul Geniole Jr. with Joe Adams and Matt Bentley winning the specials. Can we see a sixth different face this coming month? Or will the same faces find their way to victory lane?

The Rookie of the Year battle also hits the halfway mark as Nick Tooley leads Coltin Everingham by 12 points. As each rookie continues to improve, who will come out on top on that battle?