Following a huge wreck at the halfway mark of the 30 lap feature, it’d be Taylor Holdaway picking up his first feature victory of the 2012 season. It marks the end of a season full of ups and downs for the driver of the No. 41 Downing Roofing Ltd.,,, Vortex Brake Pads and Holdaway Automotive Late Model.

“I can’t thank my crew enough. We broke a tranny in the second heat there and these guys went to work, working hard. I got to thank Sean Cronan for the tranny,” Holdaway said in victory lane. “Finally good to be back here and I’m good buddies with Mike (Bentley), it was good racing with him and it’s about some time that someone beat him.”

The race to the finish line between Holdaway and Mike Bentley was amazing to watch as Holdaway beat him by just a nose.

 “I squeezed him a little bit off four cause he was on the outside and I knew he’d have the momentum, but he raced me the same way in the heat last week,” Holdaway commented.

Getting into the action, there’d be some drama in the first heat as on lap six, Tom Walters would spin his No. 47 McColl Racing Enterprises Late Model around after contact with Mike Bentley’s No. 51 Bentley Motorsports Late Model. The two drivers have a history of contact from this year so far and came into the night with Walters leading the points, 47 points ahead of Bentley. In the end, it’d be Taylor Holdaway showing his strength , ahead of Bentley, Sean Cronan, Walters and Gary Elliott. Billy Zardo would finish sixth, followed by Bruce Rankin, Dario Capirchio and Kyle Mombourquette.

In the second heat, the incidents would continue as Scott Beatty would spin last week’s feature winner Sean Grosman into the inside wall while battling for the lead on the opening lap. In the end, it’d be Kevin Cornelius driving his No. 17 Halton Crushed Stone, Lee Sand and Gravel, Hanson Concrete Products, Sandbox Tech Child Care, Alliston Transmission, Ed’s Automotive and Fierce Wraps Late Model to victory lane. Chris Morrow would finish second, followed by Keith Maiato, Frank Davey and Ernie Fumerton. Beatty would end up sixth, followed by Grosman, Jason Witty and Thane Woodside.

In the third heat, there’d be more action as on lap four, Elliott would spin Zardo on the front stretch. Then on the restart, there’d be another caution when Holdaway stopped on the front stretch. The cautions would continue as on lap five, Capirchio would be sent for a spin after contact from Zardo. The first restart would bring another caution out as Bentley would jump the start over Walters. The second restart would go alright with Walters taking the victory. Bentley finished second, followed by Cronan, Mombourquette and Rankin. Zardo finished sixth with Capirchio seventh. Both Elliott and Holdaway failed to finish.

The final heat would go to Cornelius for his second of the night, followed by Morrow, Beatty, Witty and Grosman. Davey finished sixth, followed by Maiato, Woodside and Fumerton.

Come feature time, it’d be Frank Davey starting his No. 49 Fleetbrake Ontario Late Model on pole, followed by Keith Maiato, Bruce Rankin, Billy Zardo, Sean Grosman, Chris Morrow, Taylor Holdaway, Scott Beatty, Sean Cronan, Kevin Cornelius, Mike Bentley, Tom Walters, Kyle Mombourquette, Jason Witty, Ernie Fumerton, Dario Capirchio, Thane Woodside and Gary Elliott.

On lap one, it’d Davey pulling ahead of Maiato with the lead while Zardo and Rankin battled for third. Rankin would complete the pass on lap five, leaving Grosman to try and find his way next by Zardo. Grosman would complete he pass for fourth on lap six and began looking for a way by Rankin for third. He’d complete that pass on lap seven.

At the 1/3 mark at lap 10 it’d be Davey continuing to lead while Maiato and Grosman battled for second. Grosman would continue his climb as he completed the pass on lap 11, leaving Holdaway to find a way by Maiato for third.

The caution would then come out as Billy Zardo would run into problems with his No. 46 Holmes on Homes, National Exhaust and Smart Screen Late Model as he’d come down pit road with a flat tire.

At this point, it was Davey continuing to lead ahead of Grosman, Maiato, Holdaway, Cornelius, Walters, Rankin, Morrow, Cronan, Beatty, Witty, Bentley, Capirchio, Elliott, Fumerton, Mombourquette and Woodside.

On the restart, Cornelius would take Maiato and Holdaway three-wide for third, though the caution would come out when Mombourquette would spin behind them. So now it was Davey continuing to lead, ahead of Grosman, Maiato, Holdaway, Cornelius, Maiato, Morrow, Walters, Beatty, Bentley, Fumerton, Rankin, Cronan, Witty, Capirchio, Woodside, Elliott and Mombourquette.

On the restart, Grosman would stay alongside Davey for the lead, though there’d be another caution as Maiato and Cronan would spin. So now that left Davey leading ahead of Grosman, Cornelius, Holdaway, Morrow, Walters, Beatty, Bentley, Fumerton, Capirchio, Rankin, Witty, Zardo, Woodside, Mombourquette, Elliott, Cronan and Maiato.

On the restart, it’d start out with Grosman and Davey remaining side-by-side, however when they came back around off of turn four, Grosman would get sideways after contact from Davey and come across the track. The result would be many of the front runners collected, including Cornelius, Walters, Zardo, Mombourquette, Witty, Rankin and Fumerton. Many drivers kept going without need for repair, however Walters, Cornelius, Grosman and Fumerton brought their cars down pit road, receiving repairs to continue in the feature.

So at the halfway mark it’d be Davey continuing to lead, but now ahead of Holdaway, Beatty, Morrow, Bentley, Capirchio, Witty, Mombourquette, Cronan, Maiato, Woodside, Zardo, Cornelius, Rankin, Elliott, Fumerton and Walters.

On the restart, it’d be Holdaway and Davey side-by-side for the lead while Cornelius began his charge with a three-wide pass on Rankin and Woodside. Though there’d be another caution as Mombourquette would stop his No. 22 JMR Race Cars & Repairs and BSW Signs Late Model on the track. He’d then pull off to the pits, done for the night. After about a lap of racing since the big wreck, it was Holdaway leading ahead of Davey, Beatty, Morrow, Bentley, Witty, Capirchio, Cronan, Maiato, Zardo, Cornelius, Elliott, Walters, Woodside, Fumerton and Rankin.

On the restart, Holdaway would jump out ahead of the pack, leaving Davey and Beatty to battle for second. They’d remain side-by-side all the way till six to go at lap 24 with Beatty completing the pass. Then Bentley would pass both Beatty and Davey for second at lap 25 while Witty battled with Davey for fourth.

Witty and Davey would battle side-by-side till lap 27 with three laps to go when Witty would make contact with Davey, sending him for a spin. So with a restart coming with three laps to go, it’d be Holdaway leading over Bentley, Beatty, Cornelius, Walters, Morrow, Capirchio, Cronan, Elliott, Maiato, Rankin, Fumerton, Davey, Witty, Zardo, Grosman and Woodside.

The first restart would not go as Bentley would jump the start. The second try would be a good one as they’d both keep even.

They’d stay side-by-side all the way to the checkered with Taylor Holdaway barely taking the win over Mike Bentley. It marks the sixth top five for Holdaway and the eighth top for Bentley. Kevin Cornelius would finish third for his ninth top five finish with Scott Beatty fourth for his third top five finish.Tom  Walters rounded out the top five, scoring his 12th top 10 in 12 starts this year.

Chris Morrow finished sixth, followed by Dario Capirchio, Sean Cronan, Gary Elliott and Keith Maiato. Cronan is the only other Late Model driver that has finished in the top 10 in every race so far.

Witty was 11th, followed by Davey, Fumerton and Rankin.