March 23rd

On Saturday March 23rd our team went to Aurora for the Campus Church annual “Awana Grand Prix”.  Grand children Gehrig and Lauren, as well as our Late Model crew chief Bob Periera attended the event. 

50 youngsters entered into the competition, each one making their own race cars out of blocks of wood. It was an exciting morning for the kids and our team. 

The organizers asked our team to pick the best built and best looking cars for the event.  We used a score sheet to determine the neatest and best in each class.  There were some cool fabrications, and clearly some had Dad and Mom’s help.

The kids took a break just before the finals and Lauren explained how a day at the races was for her Go-Carting and that she hoped to move up to Mini Stocks in 2014.    Shortly after Lauren’s first ever talk in front of a crowd, (and she did great) Gehrig gave a technical explanation and pointed out the key parts on the Go-Cart.

The morning was capped off by a power point presentation where I had an opportunity to talk about racing, my faith, and our amazing relationship with Quaker State.  Shortly after we had pizza and signed autographs for the kids. We will have many more shows throughout 2013.

Support Our Sponsors

Our web site features all our sponsor logos. Click on their logo and it will take you to their business. Please support our awesome sponsors whenever possible.     Gary Elliott Motorsports welcomes one of our new sponsors Arctica Heating and Cooling located in Sturgeon Falls. We will be in Sturgeon Falls in the late spring, to support Arctica Heating and Cooling, all our sponsors, our home track and sport.