As the hours tick down till the start of the Garry Reynolds Memorial at Barrie Speedway, the entry list continues to grow as more drivers announce they’re coming.

Our Late Model list included originally:

  • Mike Bentley
  • Dwayne Baker
  • Nick Goetz
  • Lane Zardo
  • Taylor Holdaway
  • Gary Elliott
  • Frank Davey
  • Kelly Balson​
  • Gord Shepherd​
  • Thayne Hallyburton
  • Al Inglis
  • Mike Langley
  • Mike Brown
  • Shawn Murray
  • Leonard Johnston
  • Andre Pepin
  • J.P. Josiasse
  • Rob Black
  • Sam Reckzin
  • Mark Dixon
  • John Mitchell
  • Nick Roth

I also had Tommy Robb as one of the possibilities due to being at the previous running.

Since then, Ron Quesnelle has confirmed that he will be in attendance as he has registered with the track. Barrie Speedway regular Ian Bourque has also confirmed his attendance, as well. Both of these drivers have won features this year so it will be interesting to see how they run tomorrow afternoon.


Our Thunder Car list originally included:

  • ·       Dave Doucette
  • ·        Rick Walt
  • ·        Jim Belesky
  • ·        Darryl St. Onge
  • ·        Travis Hallyburton
  • ·        Robbie Sikes
  • ·        Dan Archibald
  • ·        Paul Maltese
  • ·        Donny Beatty
  • ·       Todd Davenport
  • ·        Joe Adams
  • ·        Steve Penny (driving Bryan Penny’s car)
  • ·        Kevin Albers
  • ·        Jordan Latimer
  • ·        Kent Constable

Since then, Donny Munce has announced that he will be in attendance after having a solid season at Sunset Speedway.

Also, Robbie Sikes will not be driving his car in the event. It was announced by Barrie Speedway that Brian Murray will be driving the No. 37 car.


Our original Pure Stock list included:

  • ·        Mike Gettliffe
  • ·        Charlie Smith
  • ·        William Davies
  • ·        Justin Holmes
  • ·        Jeremy McLean
  • ·        Brandon McFerran
  • ·        Kevin Bridge
  • ·        Wendy Adams
  • ·        Eric Rainey
  • ·        Samantha Shaw
  • ·        Billy Swartzenburg
  • ·        Scott Schlueter
  • ·        Dennis Cremasco

I also listed that Doug Butler was a strong possibility as well.

Since then, Peter Getliffe has confirmed that he will be joining the field.

Also, Barrie Speedway veteran Chance Isherwood has acquired a mustang that he will be behind the wheel of on Sunday.

Lastly, Sunset Speedway rookie Morgan Robson will be trying out Barrie Speedway for the first time in his mustang.  


As the hours tick closer, more drivers announce their intentions to compete so expect each divisions’ entry list to grow.