Tim Norris capped off the season on a high-note as he won the Velocity 250 Ontario Pro Challenge feature for the second straight year in a row. Meanwhile, Dennis Thomson would be crowned 2013 Champion as all he had to do was start the feature to clinch the championship.

Ken Lillycrop started off the night winning the first heat ahead of Justin Billington, Josh Nicholson, Tim Shanahan, Rick Seeley, Owen Smith and Chris McIssac.

Kyle Batty won the second heat ahead of Norris, Thomson, Ken Nicholson, Dale Wilson, Mike Westwood and Bud Racing.

Come feature time, Lillycrop started pole and grabbed the early lead ahead of Billington. Billington ran second behind Lillycrop all the way till lap 16 when he was passed by Batty. Thomson and Norris would also slip by Billington on lap 20, moving up to third and fourth respectively.

After Batty moved into second, he worked at wheeling in Lillycrop. Batty caught him and began to search for a way by. On lap 21, Batty looked to go under Lillycrop, yet instead made contact, causing Lillycrop to spin. With Lillycrop’s car sitting crossways on the track, Thomson had no way to go and made heavy contact with Lillycrop’s car. Lillycrop would be done due to the damage, yet thankfully was alright. Thomson sustained heavy front end damage and had to restart at the back of the field, though continued. Batty was also sent to the back as an involved car.

On the restart, Norris grabbed the lead while Ken Nicholson moved up to second as Billington dropped to third. Josh Nicholson and Shanahan rounded out the top five till lap 25 when McIssac would pass Shanahan for fifth. McIssac then fell out of the top five with two laps to go when he was passed by Batty.

At the front, Tim Norris was able to check out and held the field off to pick up the checkered for his second straight Velocity win. Ken Nicholson got second followed by Billington, Josh Nicholson, Batty, McIssac, Shanahan, Seeley, Thomson, Smith, Wilson and Bud Racing.