On Saturday night at Varney Motor Speedway, Tim Tolton would be racing his Nissan 240x, which had been neglected all winter due to preparations on the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series car. With no practice, Tolton went into the first race, unsure of what the car was going to do.

Tolton started near the back of the field and was in for the tough battle of trying to work his way through the field. While trying to pass Cory Young, he would slam the wall very hard, but was still able to pull off a fifth place finish.

“He was a happy camper,” his wife Donna comments. “Racing had begun with the adrenalin flowing.”

In the second heat, he would line up in the fourth position, ready to go for broke. He ran hard and passed Jessie Way and then held off Brian Wilson to finish in third place. In the feature, Tolton would line up in the sixth position, ready for a long feature as the faster cars were starting in front of him.

Tolton would lock into a fierce battle with Tessa Cremasco as they went back and forth for position, catching the eyes of many fans. Tolton had made his way up to the third position, before a last lap pass had him finish in fourth place.

On Sunday, it marked another day of Stock-4 racing at Varney Motor Speedway. However, today was a special day as Tolton would be out there racing against his son, Bobby Tolton. Bobby was making his 2012 Varney Motor Speedway debut after running Barrie Speedway so far this year. 

“Not only was I proud to see him out there, but he was proud to be out there with his son racing him hard,” Donna comments. 

Due to the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series being at Varney, the Stock-4s would only be given one round of heats. Father and son would land in the same heat and they put on a show. Tim started ninth while Bobby started eighth. They raced hard side-by-side throughout the heat, but in the end to avoid a collision, Tim let off in the corner and Bobby slipped by him. The race ended with Bobby finishing fourth while Tim finished fifth. 

In the feature, Tim would line up fifth, ready to run hard. An early caution would slow the cars and give them a chance to a cool a bit while Tim continued to run fifth with Bobby fourth. The father-son combo would not get to race each other throughout the whole race as Bobby would pull off the track due to a blown motor. Tolton would work his way to the front, before a couple cars passing him late would cause him to finish in the fourth spot. 

On Sunday, Tolton also ran the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series race where mechanical problems would result in him finishing 14th despite posting the third quickest time in qualifying.

Tolton’s next stock-4 race is this weekend on Saturday at Varney Motor Speedway. He will then run the opening race for the McColl Pro Series at Sunset Speedway on Sunday. 

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