After mechanical problems in the season opener, rookie Tim Tolton would finish 14th in his Lucas Oil Sportsman Series debut at Varney Motor Speedway.

After a long winter and many long nights, the No. 3 Monte Carlo was ready to hit the track. They’d get some practice laps in Saturday night before the big on Sunday to get a feel for the car. As the sun came up on Sunday, the crew worked feverishly on final preperations to make sure they were ready.

In qualifying, the time to beat for the pole was 13.76 seconds. Tolton would be the third last car to go out and would lay down a lap of 13.86 seconds, landing him a third place qualifying effort.

During intermission, Tim Tolton was introduced to the crowd, along with the other top five qualifiers, to draw for his starting position.

“They gave five little fans a hat and the drivers would pick a child, whose hat they would sign,” Donna explains the draw format. “Inside the hat was a number and that number would be where they would start. Tim picked the shy little girl in the back and he got the number he wanted.”

The number Tolton picked would be one, therefore putting him on the pole for the feature.

When it was time, Tolton was ready to go as the blood was pumping with the smell of gas and the anticipation from the crowd.

On the drop of the green flag, he would pull out to the early lead and he would stay there as the lead got bigger as the laps would continue to tick away. Soon a caution would come out around lap 25 for an incident.

On the restart, Tolton would pull out into the lead, but it would not last as smoke became to pour out of the black No. 3 car. An oil leak had caused a fire under the hood and he had to pull off the track. Between his own crew, the McNicolr Racing, Wilson Motorsports and the crew from the No. 89 Rona LLM, they did everything to fix the oil leak and got Tolton back on track.

However, the problem only got worse as more smoke began to pour out. Tolton would park the car, feeling defeated and heartbroken as he got a DNF. He would be out of this one, but with help from Engines From Hal, he will be back as strong as ever.

Tolton would also compete in the Stock-4 class at Varney Motor Speedway over the weekend, where he would finish third in the feature on Saturday and fourth in the feature on Sunday.

Black Magic Racing would like to thank everyone for making this a dream come true. From every person who had a hand in getting the car ready for opening day, from the crew to the wives to the children, and mostly to the fans who made the day possible.

Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting Black Magic Racing: Across From Roger, Black Magic Signs and Vinyl Graphics, Bolt-On Performance, Engines From Hal, Frank’s Pioneer Transmission and Twin City Auto Parts.

The next race for the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series is at Delaware Speedway on June 15th. Tolton will racing before then as he will race in the Stock-4 division at Varney Motor Speedway next Saturday, followed by round one of the McColl Pro Series at Sunset International Speedway on Sunday.

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