A wreck in practice could’ve easily left Bobby Tolton without scoring any points at Barrie Speedway this weekend. However, with help from a competitor, Tolton was able to gain some points.

In practice, Tolton wrecked and was not going to be able to run the feature.Brian Wilson, who races at Varney Speedway, offered to run Tolton’s No. 13 on his car so Tolton would still gain points for the night as Wilson is not running Barrie Speedway this season.

According to Barrie Speedway rules, a driver is allowed to have someone run their number twice during the season if a scenario like this comes up or if a driver cannot be in attendance due to another commitment.

In the heats, Wilson finished in first and fifth.

In the feature, Wilson finished fourth to gain Tolton 41 points towards the season.

As a result, Tolton now sits sixth in points, 23 points out of the lead.

Tolton Motorsports would like to thank Engines from Hal, Carburetor Rebuilders Co. Ltd., Burrows Boyz Racing, Canadian Crone Cranks, C&S Welding, Hassell Automotive, At A Glance, Eloquip, RK Performance, Black Magic Racing, Cheatin' SOB Racing, Radio Racin' and Across From Roger for their support.

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