With four laps to go, it looked like Mike Bentley would score another feature victory this season and go back-to-back. However, trouble would strike as he'd spin, trying to pass the lap car of Todd Delisle. As a result, Walters would get the lead and hold off Andrew Kamrath and Sean Grosman to win his third Sunset Speedway invitational of 2012.


This is the first Sunset Speedway Limited Late Model invitational win of the season for Walters as the other two were Open Late Model wins. It also marks his fifth feature victory overall of 2012 as he had a regular Saturday night victory and won Chase for the Colors.


The first heat would go to Sauble Speedway’s Marvin Freiburger, ahead ofPeterborough’s Cory Horner, Sunset’s Tom Walters, Sauble’s Andrew Kamrath and Sauble’s Jason Parker. Billy Zardo finished sixth, followed by Taylor Holdaway, Cory Weber and Mark Gordon.


The second heat would be won by Sunset’s Mike Bentley, ahead of Barrie’s Al Inglis, Sunset’s Sean Grosman, Sunset’s Ernie Fumerton and Sunset’s Frank Davey. Thane Woodside was sixth.


The third heat would be won by Sunset’s Taylor Holdaway, ahead of Kamrath, Walters, Parker and Mosport’s Gordon. Weber finished sixth, followed by Tony Tiemersma and Zardo.


The final heat would go to Sean Grosman, ahead of Sunset’s Gary Elliott, Bentley, Davey and Sunset’s Woodside. Delisle finished sixth with Fumerton seventh.


When it came time for the feature, it’d be “Marvelous” Marvin Freiburger starting on pole, followed by Andrew Kamrath, Tom Walters, Mike Bentley, Sean Grosman, Al Inglis, Jason Parker, Frank Davey, Gary Elliott, Taylor Holdaway, Cory Horner, Ernie Fumerton, Tony Tiemersma, Todd Delisle, Thane Woodside, Cory Weber, Mark Gordon, Billy Zardo, Nick Goetz and Jack Horner.


When it came to the feature, Kamrath would jump out to the early lead while Freiburger and Bentley battled for second. Bentley would clear Freiburger on lap two and begin to look for a way around Kamrath. Mike “Lights Out” Bentley would take the lead from Kamrath on lap three, followed by Kamrath, Walters, Freiburger.


Freiburger would continue to fall back as Grosman would pass him on lap five, with Walters passing Kamrath on lap six for second.


At lap six, it’d be Bentley leading Walters, Kamrath, Grosman, Freiburger, Inglis and Davey while Parker and Elliott ran side-by-side for eighth. They’d run side-by-side all the way to lap 15, with Elliott clearing Parker. Then on lap 16, Holdaway would get alongside Parker for ninth, clearing him on lap 18. Holdaway would continue his climb through the field, passing Elliott on lap 20.


On lap 24, Grosman would get alongside Kamrath for third, completing the pass on lap 28.


On lap 29, there’d be a close call for Bentley as he’d almost be wrecked by Goetz while trying to lap him. Bentley had began to gap Walters, though this allowed Walters to close the gap. However, Bentley would continue to make his way through the traffic, not letting Walters get alongside him.


By lap 32 just before halfway, it’d be Bentley leading Walters, Grosman, Kamrath and Freiburger while Holdaway battled with Inglis for sixth. Holdaway would complete the pass the next lap.


There’d be another close call for Bentley on lap 37 when Parker would put Tiemersma sideways in front of Bentley. Tiemersma saved it and all continued. This would be part two of their back and forth battle as Tiemersma just about took Parker out on lap 33. The last chapter of their battle would be written on lap 43 when Tiemersma would spin Parker around in turn four. Parker would be done for the night while Tiemersma would continue.


So going back a lap would put them on lap 42 and that’d have Bentley leading Walters, Kamrath, Grosman, Freiburger, Holdaway, Inglis, Elliott, Davey, Cory Horner, Fumerton, Delisle, Tiemersma, Zardo, Goetz, Gordon and Woodside.


On the restart, it’d be Bentley jumping ahead of Walters, Kamrath, Grosman, Freiburger and Holdaway while Elliott and Inglis battled for seventh. Elliott and Cory Horner would both pass Inglis on lap 44, though at the same time, Holdaway would begin to look for a way around Freiburger for fifth. However, there’d be another caution as Delisle would spin in turns one and two.


At lap 44 under caution, it’d be Bentley leading Walters, Kamrath, Grosman, Freiburger, Holdaway, Elliott, Cory Horner, Davey, Fumerton, Tiemersma, Goetz, Zardo, Gordon, Fumerton, Woodside and Delisle.


On the restart, Bentley would jump ahead of Walters again while Kamrath ran third with Grosman fourth. Frieburger and Holdaway would run side-by-side for fifth, with Holdaway clearing Frieburger on lap 46. There’d then be a caution as Tiemersma would get into the front straight away after contact with Goetz, collecting Zardo. Both Tiemersma and Zardo would be done or the night.


On the restart, Bentley would get another good start, clearing Walters as Kamrath ran third, followed by Grosman while Holdaway and Freiburger battled for fifth once again. As the same with before, Holdaway would clear Freiburger, moving into the fifth spot on lap 54.


On lap 55, the top nine ran single file with Bentley leading ahead of Walters, Kamrath, Grosman, Holdaway, Freiburger, Cory Horner, Elliott and Goetz while Davey and Inglis battled for 10th. Davey would clear Inglis for on lap 56, but Inglis would then pass Davey back on lap 59.


As the race approached the end, Bentley was in heavy lap traffic, though had a straightaway lead on Walters and looked to have the race won. However, contact with Delisle would send Bentley around with four laps to go. Bentley would be done for the night due to mechanical brakeage happening as a result of the spin.


As a result, Stompin’ Tom Walters would inherit the lead ahead of Kamrath, Grosman and Holdaway.


On the restart, Holdaway would make a three-wide move to get by Kamrath and Grosman to move up to second, however the caution would then come out for Fumerton breaking something and collecting Goetz. SunsetSpeedwayrules state that you must go back a lap when the caution comes out and because Walters had yet to cross the start/finish line when the caution was thrown, Holdaway was moved back to fourth, back behind both Grosman and Kamrath.


So with three laps to go and a restart coming, it’d be Walters leading Grosman, Kamrath, Holdaway, Freiburger, Cory Horner, Elliott, Inglis, Davey and Weber.


On the restart, Walters would get a good start and jump ahead while Kamrath would pass Grosman for second.


The final laps would be smooth for “Stompin” Tom Walters as he’d take the victory ahead of Andrew Kamrath, Sean Grosman, Marvin Freiburger and Taylor Holdaway.


Cory Horner finished sixth, followed by Gary Elliott, Al Inglis, Frank Davey and Nick Goetz.