After being involved in a wreck late in the last invitational at Sunset Speedway, Tom Walters would come back strong this year, dominating the Dilley Dog 75 to sweep the events for the weekend after winning Saturday night’s feature.

The first heat there’d be one caution as Frank Davey would spin in turn four on lap six. Dwayne Baker went on to win the heat ahead of Andy Kamrath, Gord Shepherd, Chris Morrow, Jason Hathaway, Joshua Stade, Steve Laking, Frank Davey, Marvin Freiburger and Thane Woodside.

Mike Bentley won the second heat ahead of Taylor Holdaway, Ryan Kimball, Tom Walters, Ernie Fumerton, Billy Zardo, Sean Grosman, Cayden Lapcevich, Gary Elliott and Al Inglis. Lapcevich was behind the wheel of Anthony Simone’s No. 95 Late Model to qualify it in both heats as Simone wouldn’t be able to get to the track till feature time.

Chris Morrow won the third heat ahead of Freiburger, Davey, Kamrath, Baker, Hathaway, Laking, Shepherd, Stade and Woodside.

Sean Grosman won the final heat ahead of Walters, Lapcevich, Bentley, Kimball, Fumerton, Holdaway, Elliott, Zardo and Inglis.

Come feature time, Sean Grosman started pole followed by Ryan Kimball, Tom Walters, Andy Kamrath, Dwayne Baker, Mike Bentley, Chris Morrow, Taylor Holdaway, Gord Shepherd, Jason Hathaway, Ernie Fumerton, Frank Davey, Marvin Freiburger, Steve Laking, Joshua Stade, Billy Zardo, Al Inglis, Gary Elliott, Thane Woodside and Anthony Simone.

Sean Grosman cleared Kimball on two, leaving Kimball to battle with Walters for second. Walters would clear Kimball on lap three before the caution came out for Kamrath stopping in turn four. With 70 laps to go, Grosman led Walters, Kimball, Baker, Bentley, Morrow, Holdaway, Shepherd, Hathaway, Fumerton, Davey, Freiburger, Zardo, Laking and Stade.

On the restart, the Stompin’ Tom Motorsports teammates of Grosman and Walters battled side-by-side for the lead with Walters taking the lead on lap five ahead of Grosman, Baker and Morrow while Bentley battled with Kimball for fifth. Bentley cleared Kimball on lap six and then got alongside Morrow for fourth on lap nine. Bentley cleared Morrow on lap 13 to take over the fourth position. The second caution would fly on lap 23 for an incident involving Simone and Davey. With 27 laps to go, Walters led Grosman, Baker, Bentley, Morrow, Kimball, Holdaway, Shepherd, Fumerton, Hathaway, Freiburger, Zardo, Stade, Kamrath, Woodside and Inglis.

Walters would grab the lead on the restart while Baker and Grosman battled for second. Baker cleared Grosman on lap 25 for second while Bentley and Morro battled for fourth behind them. Bentley cleared Morrow for fourth on lap 27 before the third caution at lap 36 for Woodside stopping on track. Under the yellow flag, Bentley would head down pit road for adjustments and to change the left rear tire with it being flat. With 14 laps to go, Walters led Baker, Grosman, Morrow, Shepherd, Kimball, Hathaway and Holdaway.

Walters grabbed the lead on the restart ahead of Baker, Morrow and Grosman while Shepherd and Kimball battled for fifth. Kimball cleared Shepherd on lap 39 for the position while Grosman passed Morrow on lap 46 to take over third.

Baker would close the gap between himself and Walters in the final laps, though wasn’t able to get by. As a result, Tom Walters picks up his first invitational feature victory of the year ahead of Dwayne Baker, Sean Grosman, Chris Morrow and Ryan Kimball. Taylor Holdaway finished sixth, followed by Mike Bentley, Andy Kamrath, Jason Hathaway and Marvin Freiburger.