After winning the B-Main, Tom Walters would start 19th in the 75-lap invitational Late Model feature and make his way to the front, picking up the win. Walters had to run the B-Main due to missing Saturday’s heats due to being inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame. It marks his second Velocity 250 win after winning the inaugural event in 2010.

In Saturday’s qualifying, it was Jason Witty topping the list of the 18 drivers that got to transfer directly into the A-Main. Anthony Simone was the second top qualifier followed by Taylor Holdaway, Mike Bentley, Scott McTeer, Chris Morrow, Dwayne Baker, Marvin Freiburger, Scott Beatty, Gary Elliott, Brandon Watson, Billy Zardo, Jason Parker, Cory Horner, Steve Laking, Nick Goetz, Dave Bartlett and Joshua Stade.

The dice were rolled for the invert, which was a 10 and placed Elliott and Beatty on the front row.

However, as stated, there was a B-main to run and that was run on Sunday before the 75 lapper. You’d have 15 drivers going for eight spots to complete the 28 car field. Brittany Gresel would start pole ahead of Scott Sled, Bruce Rankin, Dario Capirchio, Thayne Hallyburton, Mat Box, Chris Mitchell, Nick Roth and Roger Lajeunesse. Andy Kamrath would start 10th due to an altercation with Watson following the heat races while Tom Walters would start 11th due to not being there on the Saturday, as stated above.

The B-Main didn’t get off too smooth as Roth would spin in turn two. At this point, Gresel would lead Rankin, Mitchell, Box, Sled, Capirchio, Walters and Kamrath.

There’d be another caution on the restart when Lajeunesse spun in turn one.

Then on lap six, Rankin would have problems in turn four, ending his B-main early after running second for the beginning portion. Now with nine laps to go, Gresel led Mitchell, Capirchio, Box, Kamrath, Walters, Roth and Sled.

Walters would work his way up to third behind Gresel and Mitchell before the next caution flew at lap 12 for Hallyburton finding trouble in turn two. His car would be pushed behind the wall and he’d be done for the event. With three laps to go, Gresel led Mitchell, Walters, Kamrath, Capirchio, Box, Roth and Sled.

In the final three laps, Tom Walters worked his way to the lead and won the B-Main ahead of Chris Mitchell, Brittany Gresel, Andy Kamrath, Mat Box, Dario Capirchio, Joshua Stade and Scott Sled. Roger Lajeunesse would be the only driver still running not to make the A-Main.

Come time for the main event, Gary Elliott started pole followed by Scott Beatty, Marvin Freiburger, Dwayne Baker, Chris Morrow, Scott McTeer, Mike Bentley, Taylor Holdaway, Anthony Simone and Jason Witty.

Beatty grabbed the early lead followed by Baker and Elliott while Sauble regulars Freiburger and McTeer ran side-by-side for fourth till the caution at lap four for Dave Bartlett having problems in turn three. With 71 laps to go, Beatty led Baker, Freiburger, Elliott, Morrow, McTeer, Holdaway, Bentley, Witty, Simone, Brandon Watson, Jason Parker, Cory Horner, Nick Goetz, Steve Laking, Tom Walters, Joshua Stade, Andy Kamrath, Brittany Gresel, Dario Capirchio, Chris Mitchell, Mat Box, Nick Roth and Scott Sled.

On the restart, Beatty grabbed the lead once again ahead of Baker though the caution came right back out on lap five as Bartlett hit the outside turn one wall. Now with 70 laps to go, Beatty lead ahead of Baker, Elliott, Freiburger, McTeer, Morrow, Holdaway, Witty, Bentley, Simone, Zardo, Watson, Horner, Parker, Goetz, Laking, Stade, Walters, Kamrath, Gresel , Mitchell, Box, Roth, Sled and Capirchio.

Baker grabbed the lead on the restart ahead of Beatty while Morrow and Witty continued their respective climbs, moving into third and fourth before the third caution on lap 13 for Laking spinning in turn two due to some help from Gresel. Freiburger now ran fifth ahead of Bentley, Simone, Elliott, McTeer, Holdaway, Zardo, Horner, Walters, Parker, Goetz, Watson, Kamrath, Stade, Box, Mitchell, Roth, Sled, Laking and Capirchio.

Baker got a good restart to keep the lead while Morrow and Walters slipped past Beatty to move into second and third before the caution at lap 30 for Goetz spinning and hitting the inside wall. There was contact between Goetz and Parker while they were racing for position, but nothing on purpose. Under caution, Bentley gave up the fourth position to head down pit road for adjustments to his No. 51 Lattitude Land Effects Late Model. This allowed Witty to move into fourth ahead of Beatty, Freiburger, Simone, Holdaway, Elliott, McTeer, Zardo, Kamrath, Horner, Watson and Box. Bentley would restart at the tail of the field with the other cars that pitted.

On the restart, Baker got another good start while Walters was able to slip past Morrow for second before the caution came out for Elliott having a mechanical failure in turns three and four. Meanwhile, Goetz parked his late model due to the earlier damage. With 39 laps to go, Baker led Walters, Morrow, Witty, Beatty, Holdaway, Freiburger, Simone, McTeer, Zardo, Horner, Watson, Gresel, Bentley, Box, Mitchell, Roth, Kamrath, Capirchio and Stade. Kamrath would bring his car down pit road shortly after the green flag and park it due to mechanical problems.

Once the green flag was back out, Walters was able to get by Baker and take the lead and check out, beginning to lap cars. Meanwhile, Witty slipped by Morrow to move into third spot. Beatty then also slipped by Morrow, moving up to fourth.  Despite both drivers slipping past him, Morrow was running solidly in the fifth position till lap 62 when he brought his No. 11 The Road Hammers/CRS Rental/Morrow Electric Late Model down pit road with a broken clutch.

As the laps ticked down, the top four were pretty much stringed out through lap traffic while Bentley had caught Holdaway for the fifth position. Bentley would slip past Holdaway in the closing laps to get back into the top five.

At the front, Baker was able to close the gap between himself and Walters, but wasn’t able to find a way by.

As a result, Tom Walters was able to drive his No. 47 Pro Floors/McColl Racing Mustang to victory lane for the win. Dwayne Baker finished second followed by Jason Witty, Scott Beatty, Mike Bentley, Taylor Holdaway and Marvin Freiburger.