Travis Hallyburton drew the pole in the Frisbee invert and took full advantage as he led all 60 laps to win the second annual Garry Reynolds Memorial. The win for Hallyburton adds to the success that he has experience this season in his sophomore year in Thunder Cars.

The first heat didn’t go smoothly as on lap four, Bryan Penny spun as Kevin Reynolds and Johnny Morrison slid sideways. Then on lap 10 of the 12 lap heat, Craig Spun spun Donny Munce, collecting Jay Cutting.

Sauble Speedway’s Ken Grubb won the first heat ahead of fellow Sauble driver Todd Davenport, Barrie’s Jim Belesky, Barrie’s Luke Gignac, Flamboro’s Kevin Albers, Morrison, Donny Beatty, Reynolds, Cutting, Penny, Munce and Scott.

In the second heat, the action started off sooner as on the first lap, Paul Bogensberger and Rick Walt spun in turn two. Then on lap three, Joe Adams spun in turn two after battling three-wide with Paul Maltese and Dan Archibald. On lap six, Garry Reynolds’ grandson Jordan Lartimer hit the turn one wall hard due to contact with Brandon; Lartimer would be done for the night. The fourth caution waved on lap eight when Steve Cashmore spins in turn four due to a left front flat from contact. Under the yellow, Bogensberger stalled and needed a push off the track.

Barrie Speedway’s Darryl St. Onge won the heat ahead of fellow Barrie drivers Dave Doucette, Brian Murray (driving Robbie Sikes’ car), Travis Hallyburton, Rick Walt and Bill Walt. Adams finished seventh followed by Archibald, Maltese, Brandon, Kent Constable and the 17.

In the third heat, Penny went for a spin off of turn four on lap two. Kevin Reynolds won the heat; this weekend’s event was his first ever start in that car. He drove a Late Model in last year’s event. Davenport finished second followed by Hallyburton, Grubb, Belesky, Gignac, Morrison, Cutting, Penny, Scott, Albers and Beatty.

In the fourth and final heat, Cashmore and Archibald would get together off of turn two on lap six. Then on lap seven, Maltese went around in turns one and two due to contact with Archibald.

Last year’s Garry Reynolds Memorial winner Dave Doucette won ahead of Sauble’s Adams, St. Onge, Walt, Murray, Brandon, Bill Walt, Cashmore, Bogensberger, Maltese, Archibald, Constable and the 17.

With qualifying done and in the books, defending Garry Reynolds Memorial Dave Doucette was top qualifier. Darryl St. Onge was second followed by Todd Davenport, Ken Grubb, Travis Hallyburton, Jim Belesky, Brian Murray and Rick Walt. However after the Frisbee invert, it was Travis Hallyburton starting pole followed by Murray, St. Onge, Belesky, Rick Walt, Grubb, Davenport and Doucette. Adams would start ninth followed by Reynolds, Gignac, Morrison, Bill Walt, Brandon, Albers, Archibald, Cutting, Beatty, Maltese, Cashmore, Scott, Bogensberger, Constable, 17 and Penny.

Hallyburton jumped to the lead on the start while Murray and St. Onge battled for second. They’d battle side-by-side all the way till the first caution on lap seven for an incident involving Constable and Bogensberger. Under the yellow flag, both Gignac and St. Onge would pit. With 53 laps to go, Hallyburton led Murray, Rick Walt, Doucette, Belesky, Grubb, Adams, Reynolds, Morrison, Archibald, Brandon, Albers, Townsend, Cashmore, Beatty, Cutting, Maltese, Inglis, Penny, Bogenberger, Constable and Gignac.

On the restart, Hallyburton once again grabbed the lead while Rick Walt and Murray battled for second. Walt could clear Murray on lap 13, with Doucette following suit. Belesky then passed Murray for fourth on lap 17 while Doucette passed Walt for second.

The second caution flew on lap 24 as Bogensberger spun and then behind him, St. Onge got into Penny, resulting in Penny hitting the wall hard. Penny was okay, but he’d be done for the night due to heavy front end damage. With 36 laps to go, Hallyburton led Doucette, Rick Walt, Belesky, Murray, Davenport, Reynolds, Archibald, Adams, Morrison, Albers, Bill Walt, Gignac, Cashmore, Brandon, Beatty, Cutting, Scott, Grubb, Constable, Maltese and Bogensberger.

On the restart, Hallyburton grabbed the lead while Rick Walt and Doucette battled for second. Doucette would clear Walt on lap 26 ahead of Murray. On lap 30, Davenport got alongside Murray for fourth and they battled till the third caution at lap 33 for Adams having a flat tire after contact with somebody. With just under half the race remaining, Hallyburton led Doucette, Rick Walt, Belesky, Davenport, Murray, Archibald, Reynolds, St. Onge, Albers and Walt.

On the restart, Hallyburton and Doucette were side-by-side with Hallyburton clearing Doucette on lap 37. The top nine then ran single-file while Albers and Grubb ran side-by-side for 10th. Grubb would clear Albers for 10th on lap 39 while Doucette and St. Onge battled for seventh, with Archibald holding off St. Onge. Reynolds would then get to the inside of St. Onge for eighth. The battle didn’t last for too long as on lap 42, Reynolds headed into the infield with mechanical problems.

The next five laps saw the field run mostly single-file till the caution came out on lap 47 for Archibald spinning in turn four. With 13 laps to go, Hallyburton led Doucette, Rick Walt, Belesky, Doucette, Davenport, Murray, St. Onge, Grubb, Gignac, Albers, Bill Walt, Morrison, Cashmore, Maltese, Brandon and Archibald on the lead lap.

On the restart, Brandon spun on the front stretch after Morrison bunched up the field due to catching the backstretch wall.

On the second attempt at a restart, Albers and Gignac wrecked, collecting Maltese.

The third attempt at a restart was a success with Hallyburton pulling ahead while Rick Walt and Doucette battled for second. Doucette cleared Walt on lap 46 with Belesky in toe while Davenport and Murray battled for fifth. Davenport held Murray off, leaving Murray to battle with St. Onge. St. Onge got by Murray for sixth on lap 48. On lap 52, Grubb got alongside Murray for seventh, though the seventh caution flew for Gignac slowing on the front stretch. With 18 laps to go, Hallyburton led Doucette, Rick Walt, Belesky, Davenport, St. Onge, Sikes, Grubb, Archibald, Morrison, Brandon, Cashmore and Maltese.

On the restart, Hallyburton and Doucette ran side-by-side with Hallyburton clearing Doucette on lap 54 as the top six ran single-file with Sikes and Murray side-by-side for seventh. Grubb then passed Murray on lap 56.

At the front, it was all Travis Hallyburton as he took home the victory, leading fellow Barrie Speedway regulars Dave Doucette, Rick Walt, Jim Belesky and Darryl St. Onge.

Todd Davenport finished sixth followed by Ken Grubb, Brian Murray, Dan Archibald, Johnny Morrison and Donny Brandon.