June 14, 2013 - Delaware Speedway PR

It was a packed house on Friday night to take in the action at Delaware Speedway on the eve of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series EMCO 200. The event featured tributes to Nascar driver Jason Leffler and to Delaware Speedway racing hero Dave Lawrence. Matt Pritiko (#21) of London would go home as the winner in the FT Garage Late Models in a car that was driven by Jason Leffler in the 2010 Summer Showdown. Kenny McNicol Junior would claim his third victory of the year in Super Stocks. A King of the Hill Spectators race was held at the end of the night in support of Jesse’s Journey.

The Coca-Cola Super Stocks ran a 35-lap feature event. The race paid tribute to the anniversary of the passing of Super Stock competitor Dave Lawrence in 2006 with a special “Wave for Dave” on lap 28 (Dave’s car number) during the race. Kathleen Hosang (#16) of Zurich led the first four laps when she was passed by defending champion Jeff Showler (#44) of Mt. Elgin. Although Showler lost the position to top-contender Matt Robblee (#51) of Dorchester briefly the pair would end up making contact on lap fifteen sending both drivers to the back. Kenny McNicol (#17) of Exeter inherited the lead and went on to win the feature. Victory comes with an additional bonus for McNicol who now finds himself in the lead with championship points at the expense of Robblee who falls to second (and had a torn up race car by the end of the event). Rookie driver Shae Gemmell (#3) of Dorchester pocketed a second-place finish, Showler would ultimately finish in third.

Tyler Hendricks (#38) of Pain Court led the opening laps of the FT Garage Late Model forty-lap feature. He was passed by veteran driver and independently funded Doug Stewart (#2) of London who thrilled the crowd earlier in the night with a heat race win over the same driver. Stewart led the race for several more laps until he was passed by Matt Pritiko (#21) of London. The race began with a crash just as the green flag dropped involving both Phillip Nyssen (#51) and Shawn Thompson (#72) triggering a red flag and ended the night for both drivers. Another red flag stopped the cars on the track on lap twenty-four due to a crash on turn three involving Jay Christie (#5) of Beachville who hit the wall in turn three. His car had a small engine fire which was promptly extinguished by the safety crew. Christie was unharmed but due to damage to the vehicle was unable to finish the remainder of the race. The final caution came on lap twenty-seven for debris which gave an opening for Jay Doerr (#43) of London and Jamie Cox (#22) of Dorchester to mount an attack, but the pair found themselves in tough competition with each other and allowed Pritiko to escape with the victory. They finished second and third respectively.

The night finished off with a King of the Hill Spectator’s race, involving many cars, some built for speed and some simply bizarre. The winner was driving a 92′ Eagle Talon. It was the driver’s second win this season.

Racing continues on Saturday: Spectator gates open at 12:30 PM for the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series EMCO 200. The Demar Aggregates Trucks will run a 35-lap feature at 5:00 PM after practice and qualifying. Following will be an autograph session and the EMCO 200, beginning at 7:00 PM.


Coca-Cola Super Stock Feature Race (35 Laps)

Race Leaders:

#16 1-4

#44 5-11

#51 2-15

#17 16-35

Time of Race: 0:20:49

Cautions: 3 (Laps 15, 18, 33)


1. 17 Kenny McNicol Jr. Exeter

2. 3 Shae Gemmell (R) Dorchester

3. 44 Jeff Showler Mt. Elgin

4. 33 Jamie Grover Glencoe

5. 5j Jason Cordingley (R) Beachville

6. 78 Jordan Lawrence London

7. 23 Greg Dadson Union

8. 16 Kathleen Hosang Zurich

9. 28 Kris Lawrence London

10. 48 Tim McGregor St. Thomas

11. 51 Matt Robblee Woodstock

12. 7 Branden Verhoeven (R) Kerwood

13. 19 Geoff Chant Thorndale

14. 77 J.R. Fitzpatrick Cambridge

FT Garage Late Model Feature Race (40 Laps)

Race Leaders:

#38 1-2

#2 3-9

#21 10-40

Time of Race: 0:36:52

Cautions: 2 (Laps 24, 27)

Red Flags 1 (Lap 1)


1. 21 Matt Pritiko London

2. 43 Jay Doerr London

3. 22 Jamie Cox Dorchester

4. 27 Mat Box Mississauga

5. 2 Doug Stewart London

6. 82 Justin Demelo London

7. 6 Adam Quarrie Dorchester

8. 89 Shawn Chenoweth Flamboro

9. 95 Steve March London

10. 38 Tyler Hendricks Pain Court

11. 69 Lloyd Rawlings Windsor

12. 5 JR Fitzpatrick Cambridge

13. 72 Shawn Thompson Ailisa Craig

14. 51 Philip Nyssen Brantford

15. 24 Stephen Richmond Appin