The Autumn Colors Classic. It’s the event that everybody wants to win. For some, they’ve had the privilege of winning it. For others, they’ve come so close but yet haven’t been able to yet.

However, to run well you must start well by qualifying well and staying outta trouble. Qualifying for the Mini Stock feature kicked off on Sunday with some of the usual fast suspects finding themselves in victory lane.

The night didn’t start off smoothly as Damon Pogue slowed up the field with Brandon McFerran getting on the brakes to stay off of him. Warren Paxton would then slow up, causing Josh Inglis to get into him. Bob Tolton would then spin Inglis, with Peter Inglis spinning Tolton. Peterborough Speedway front runner Miles Tyson won the heat driving the car that won the race last year as Daryl Fice claimed the win. Casey Cavannah finished second followed by McFerran, Paxton, Tolton, Cory Young, P. Inglis and Eric Thompson.

Peterborough Speedway front runner Ryan Babin won the second heat ahead of John Vandyk, Dean Curry, Danny Benedict, Ken Townsend, William Davies, Doug Butler, 88x, Dave Watchorn and the 8.

Next heat saw a small caution as well as Kevin Pickford spun on the last lap. Peterborough front runner Tyler Junkin won the third heat ahead of Corcoran, Ryan Hardy, Kyle Baker, Brandt Graham, 37, Kevin Strutt, Peter Moore, 63, 88x, Pickford and Ryan Oosterholt.

Billy Swartzenburg was one of the expected front runners, but ended up having to pull off with a flat tire due to climbing the wall. Flamboro Speedway Champion Dave Bailey won the fourth heat ahead of Chance Isherwood, Charlie Smith, 3x, Ben Melenhorst, Mike Gettliffe, Dan Demers, 16 and 41.

 Qualifying continued on the Saturday, with features scheduled originally for the Sunday, but moved to Monday due to rain.