We only get to race the Vintage Modified a few times a year, and the last time out we did not make the feature event because of a broken set of gears.

This time it was different as we not only got to race but had a great night.

Our regular crew had the night off, it was a long weekend and some were away. Our grand children were the main crew along with regulars Nathan and Don.

During set up I asked the kids to let me know how much gas was in the car, and they promptly replied “lot’s of gas Grampy, up to the sponge”!!

So after 2 short sets of hot laps we knew we would have enough fuel to run our 10 lap heat race.  There were 21 cars and qualifying good was important.

Fan Appreciation Night

After many of the huge crowd came down for autographs, we settled in for our first heat race.  We started last in this race but our car was very fast.  We moved through the pack on the outside, making ground on the leaders. 

Then once in 3rd place something happened and the car lost power and then quit. I was able to coast to the infield pit road, but needed a push to our pit spot. I was hoping it wasn’t serious.

Once we got back to our pit we found the reason for the car quitting.  Apparently the gas wasn’t as full as reported by my rookie crew.  After a quick lesson on how to read the fuel level, and the importance of making sure whatever is checked is done properly, we proceeded to fill the gas tank and get ready for the 25 lap feature race.

Starting 21st, I felt it a good idea to be cautious in the early going. Our car was fast, but this field of racers was close and 25 laps is lots of time to get through.

Suddenly on lap two, chaos happened on the front straightway when a few cars got tangled.  We were close by, but got stopped in time.

We escaped that ordeal and another later on near the end of the race.  Our car ran very well on the inside and outside.  

When the white flag came out we were 6th, and gained one more spot coming off turn four to finish 5th. A good night for our team and our first top five feature finish of 2013.

Special thanks to my grand kids, Don and Nathan for working on our team this day.  Our next race is this coming Saturday in the Late Model at Sunset Speedway.  Races will start at 6:30. 

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