Warren Paxton would return to victory lane on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway after taking lead midway through the Mini Stock feature.

The first heat saw an incident as Steve Belanger and Kendra Adams made contact in turns three and four, resulting in a flat tire for Belanger and Belanger making his way down pit road the next lap. Nicole Podewils scored the victory ahead of Tyler Johnston, Terry Clodd, Kendra Adams, Lisa DeLeeuw, Wendy Adams and Candiss Everingham.

Ben Melenhorst won the second heat ahead of Eric Yorke, Lance Foster, Gehrig Halliday, Warren Paxton, Terry Woodley, Nick French and Eric Rainey.

Brandon McFerran won the third heat ahead of Kevin Pickford, Myles Tyson, Brian Love, Shawn Gerrior, Mike Robinson Jr., Doug Wilman and Chris Free.

The fourth heat saw some action when the caution flew on lap nine for Belanger and Kendra Adams making contact, causing Adams to spin; Johnston then made contact with Adams afterwards. Podewils grabbed the daily double ahead of Clodd, Belanger, Johnston and DeLeeuw.

Eric Yorke won the fifth heat ahead of Foster, Melenhorst, Halliday, Paxton, French, Woodley, Ken Townsend and Rainey.

McFerran went for the daily double ahead of Pickford, Tyson, Love, Robinson Jr., Free and Wilman. This heat saw it’s fair bit of action when Gerrior had a wheel come off, causing him to make contact with the outside turn two wall.

In the feature, Lisa DeLeeuw would start pole followed by Belanger, Johnston, Kendra Adams, Woodley, Halliday, Love, Yorke, Clodd, Melenhorst, Paxton, Podewils, Foster, McFerran, Davey, French, Wendy Adams, Everingham, WIlman, Free, Rainey, Robinson Jr., Gerrior and Morgan Robson.

Steve Belanger took the early lead at the front while mid-pack, contact was made between Melenhorst and Kendra Adams while running four-wide. That caused a flat tire for Adams and the next lap, contact was made between once again between Melenhorst and Adams, before she made contact with McFerran, causing McFerran to spin. Coming around the corner, Everingham wouldn’t see where McFerran’s car had ended up on the bottom of turn two and made contact with the right front on McFerran’s car. The accident resulted in Everingham, McFerran and Melenhorst to be done for the night. Melenhorst came into the night sitting second in points behind Paxton while McFerran was last week’s feature winner.

With 29 laps to go, Steve Belanger led Johnston, Halliday, Woodley, DeLeeuw, Love, Clodd, Yorke, Paxton, Podewils, Foster, Tyson, French, Free, Robinson Jr., Wendy Adams, Rainey, Wilman, Kendra Adams, Gerrior and Robson.

Belanger pulled ahead on the restart as Johnston and Halliday battled for second. Halliday would clear Johnston on lap three while Love, Yorke and Woodley went three-wide for fourth behind them. Halliday got alongside Belanger on lap four for the lead, however fell back in the line the next lap ahead of Johnston while Yorke and Love battled for fourth. Paxton joined the battle for fourth on lap six, making it three-wide. Paxton would get by both Yorke and Love and then get side-by-side Johnston for third on lap seven, passing him. Yorke followed suit to move in to the fourth position. Paxton caught up to Halliday on lap nine, passing him on lap 10. Halliday then dropped back to fourth on lap 12 as he was passed by Yorke just before the caution came out for Robson blowing the motor in his mustang.

With 13 laps to go, Steve Belanger led Paxton, Yorke, Halliday, Podewils, Tyson, Johnston, Foster, Love, Woodley, Clodd, French and Robinson Jr.

There’d be a caution on the restart as Podewils would have her front tire come off of her rim going down the fronstretch. Kudos to the whole field for scattering and not making it worse.

On the restart, Paxton and Belanger ran side-by-side for the lead with Warren Paxton taking the lead at the halfway mark ahead of Belanger and Yorke. Yorke cleared Belanger on lap 14, bringing Halliday with him. By lap 16, it was Paxton leading Yorke, Halliday and Belanger while Tyson and Foster battled for position. Tyson would be able to keep Foster behind him in the closing laps.

As the laps wound down, Yorke would close the gap between himself and Paxton to get to Paxton’s bumper, however wasn’t able to pass him.

Warren Paxton picked up the win to further extend his points lead while last year’s champion Eric Yorke finished second. Gehrig Halliday picks up a best career finish of third ahead of Belanger and Tyson. Lance Foster finished sixth, followed by Love, Johnston, Clodd and Woodley.