For the third time this season, Warren Paxton would drive his No. 33 Civic to victory lane at the end of the 25-lap Mini Stock feature. He was presented the trophy by the Mayor of Innisfil.

“It is nice to finish things off this way,” Paxton said in victory lane. “We didn’t get the start we wanted to the season. But we’re going to keep racing. We’re not done yet.”

Paxton added that the cold weather is something he enjoys.

“I know the fans don’t like it here in the stands, but it works great for me,” he commented. “It’s more comfortable in the car and it seems to come alive when we’ve got the cold air.”

However, Paxton would not be the only driver celebrating as Eric Yorke would officially be crowned the 2012 Sunset Speedway Mini Stock Champion behind the wheel of his No. 51 Nissan 240x. It marks the first championship for Yorke in six years of racing.

Unofficially, Rob Krystal finishes second in points with Paxton third.

“I had a great time running with him,” Paxton said of Yorke. “It’s nice to keep it close and have a great group of front runners at the end of the season.”

Yorke has had a staller season, finishing in the top five in every feature ran this season. Though it wasn’t easy for Yorke as with him taking the points lead early and Sunset’s format of fast cars start mid-pack, he had to deal with traffic all year.

“Every week I had to come from the back, there’s some tough competition battling Warren and Rob every week and this great competition,” he said.

He added that he got used to it and it was more fun coming from the back every week than starting at the front. He also adds that he had a great time racing everybody.

“It’s hard to point towards one,” Yorke said when asked who his toughest competition is. “I had a great time running with Warren and Rob. There was a lot of cars that I had to race side-by-side with, but definitely raced the most side-by-side with Warren and Rob race in, race out.”

In the first heat for the night, it’d be Rob Krystal taking the victory in his No. 99 Civic ahead of Paxton and Yorke.

The second heat would go to Brian Love in his No. 04 Civic, ahead of James Low, Dan Britt, Terry Clodd and Ryan Goddard. Thomas finished sixth, followed by Johnston and deLeeuw.

The third heat would be won by Paxton, ahead of Yorke, Krystal, Gehrig Haliday and Mike Robinson Jr. Eric Rainey and Adams would finish off the top seven.

Terry Clodd would win the final heat in his No. 34 Civic, ahead of Love, Britt, Melinda Thomas and Low. Goddard finished sixth, followed by Johnston and deLeeuw. Low would work back to a top five finish after going for a spin partway through the heat.

When it came time for the feature, it’d start off with a caution as Ken Townsend would run into problems. Then it’d turn into a typical mini stock feature, featuring three, four-wide craziness with the quick cars working their way from the back to the front to look for the final victory of 2012. The action would keep clean all the way till lap 15 when there’d be a caution for Wendy Adams going around.

So with 10 laps to go, it’d be Warren Paxton leading Eric Yorke, Rob Krystal, Brian Love, James Low, Dan Britt, Gehrig Haliday, Tyler Johnston, Eric Rainey, Ryan Goddard, Melinda Thomas, Terry Clodd, Lisa deLeeuw, Wendy Adams and Mike Robinson Jr.

On the restart, Paxton would jump ahead of the field while Yorke and Krystal resumed their battle for second. Krystal would clear Yorke for second with three laps to go. However he would not have enough laps to catch Warren Paxton, handing Warren Paxton the feature victory.

Rob Krystal finished second, followed by Eric Yorke, Brian Love and James Low.

Dan Britt finished sixth, followed by Gehrig Haliday, Tyler Johnston, Terry Clodd and Gehrig Haliday.

Melinda Thomas finished 11th, followed by Mike Robinson Jr., Lisa deLeeuw and Wendy Adams.

Now comes the Velocity 250 special weekend, which will feature the best drivers at Sunset Speedway from across the province battling for bragging rights. Both Paxton and Yorke confirmed their attendance on Saturday night, and Paxton said that they would be at Autumn Colors at Peterborough Speedway.