The Quaker State team struggled on Wednesday night for the 2nd of four MRE Open Late Model Invitational events.   There were 24 of the finest cars in Ontario at this show including David and his Pennzoil team. 

Time Trials, We Missed The Set Up With Too Much Gearing

Our team qualified 19th of 24 cars and had to run the Consolation race. Meanwhile the Pennzoil team qualified 9th with a strong run.

Once time trials were done we immediately changed our gears to a lower range that prevented the car from hitting the chip on the straightaway. The chip cuts the engine out when 6400 RPM’s are reached, but we were cutting out far too soon not allowing us to go far into each corner. 

We ran hard in the 10 lap last chance qualifier and managed a good solid second place finish.  Our car was ready for the 75 lap feature, though we would be starting 20th of 24 cars.

We finished the race in 12th place, no damage to the car giving us a great night.  Paul Johnson, one of our sponsors, from Open Doors worked with our pit crew and had a great time.  We appreciate it when sponsors can get to a race and we welcome them to participate however they want. 

We are running this Saturday, July 21st at Sunset Speedway and have a bit of a rest next week, and then another show in St. Thomas on July 27th at a children’s camp.  Meanwhile, we have two more shows to do this week, July 17th and then July 20th at a trade show in Toronto put on by Noble products.