On Friday May 25, Brian Wilson Jr. is going to have his stock car on display at Bramalea Secondary School’s carnival in support of the school’s automotive program. The carnival is a school run event for the kids at the school to enjoy and have some fun, while celebrating that it’s the end of the year.


For Wilson Jr., the automotive program at his school means a lot to him.


“It’s very important to me,” he says of the program. “Not only have I learned the basics and continue to learn them, but we have been lucky enough to have a great teacher who has years of experience in the industry.”


Beyond teaching him at school, his teacher has also helped his racing program as whenever he and the team can’t figure something out, they go and ask him.


“Not only does he answer our question, but teaches why and how such things work,” Wilson continues.


Beyond having an expert on their side, Wilson adds that two of his crew members are classmates so it’s a benefit to the whole team.


“We get teambuilding opportunities, as well as opportunities to connect with people who share the same likes as you and people who you get along well with,” he comments.


While helping to promote the school’s automotive program, Wilson Motorsports is hoping to gain some new fans through fellow students at the school as they get to see the racecar up close.


Brian Wilson Jr. will be available throughout the carnival to answer any questions and sign autographs. Also, there will be team merchandise for sale so if you’re wanting to show your support for Wilson Motorsports, here’s your opportunity.


Photos will be available on the team website following the event so make sure to check them out if you’re unable to go.


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