Fellows Already Looking Ahead to Third Annual Chevrolet Silverado 250

(EXCLUSIVE) The event doesn’t take place until the end of August, but it’s already on the mind of Canadian fans.

The third annual Chevrolet Silverado 250 for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series will take place on August 30th at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

“It’s been a great evolution for us to host one of the three NASCAR major series,” CTMP track co-owner Ron Fellows commented. “I guess we were initially pleasantly surprised with the success the event has had, the Chevrolet Silverado 250. We’re excited to bring it back for a third year.”

Throughout the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Show (March 13-15), several attendees were stopping by the CTMP booth to get details, so they are in attendance this summer. It marks no surprise, though, considering how the event has gone the past two seasons.

The inaugural event featured a late-race duel between @chaselliott and @tydillon that ultimately resulted in Dillon wrecked and Elliott in Victory Lane. On top of that, @maxpapis and @MikeSkeenRacing were mad at each other for late race contact. The race had everything that gets people involved in NASCAR – close racing, contact, passion and some fighting.

Last season marked another great event, producing a late race battle between @gerspeed1 and @Blaney. The pair raced for the lead back and forth throughout the final three laps, with Blaney edging Quiroga at the line to leave the fans on the edge of their seats.

Beyond the close finishes, the event is popular among drivers, as well. @JWTownley commented pre-season, “It’s nice to be able to do something a little different once and a while; it’s nice to turn right after a whole year of turning left.”

Everything combined with Canadian @CameronNHayley running the full schedule in 2015 has created a lot of buzz.

With the success of the truck event, there have been discussions stirred around about a possible XFINITY race happening at CTMP in the future. Fellows would love to see the facility host an additional NASCAR event in the future.

“NASCAR is incredibility popular, and it’s not that easy to secure dates. We’ve made it known that we want to host an XFINITY Series event so we’ll see,” he commented. “We have the facility at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park to support something as big as XFINITY, and we’ll just have to keep plugging away.”


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