J.F. Dumoulin Finding Focus and Ease with Multi-Year Deal

For the first time in his career, J.F. Dumoulin has some security in regards to his future in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.

The Quebec native recently announced his first multi-year sponsor deal, with Spectra Premium signing a two-year contract to sponsor him.

“Spectra Premium is a great company, and I’m glad to partner with them once again,” he told POPULAR SPEED. “The company has been good to me, themselves, and it’ll be great racing with them once again next year. We’re also going to have the opportunity to test through the winter, so things are pretty good. We’re heading in the right direction, and we just need to work harder to be better than this past year.”

Based in Quebec, the Canadian company owns and operates four manufacturing plants and 17 warehouses, specializing in auto parts manufacturing and distribution.

“We are honored to extend our relationship with Jean-François Dumoulin for the next two NASCAR Pinty’s Series race seasons,” said Jason Best, Senior Vice President of Spectra Premium Industries. “While working with Jean-François last season, we saw that he rapidly became an excellent ambassador for our company, which we are very pleased will continue in the future. In addition, we are confident that through the development of a Spectra Premium racing radiator, we will proudly showcase our company’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities as well as the differentiation and quality of our products.”

While he ran six races last season, the new contract brings forth a bigger opportunity as he will be able to run a minimum 10 races throughout the season. This past season didn’t go as he planned, with mechanical issues throughout the season and no top-five finishes.

“Last season was one of my worst seasons in the series,” he said. “I had some good races going, but either wrecked out or mechanical issues, from the tranny and the motor blowing up. That was pretty bad for me. There were other places we ran good but didn’t get the best finish that we could get. It was a pretty bad luck year, but on the other side, we had a lot of guys cheering for us at the end of the races and lots of support from people. We look forward to seeing all those people once again in 2017 and 2018, and hopefully do better.”

Going into the year, Dumoulin says the biggest hope is to work out a way to run the three races currently not on his schedule, but says it’ll depend on how the first three races of the season go.

“Hopefully I can run strong in the first three races, and then we can make a plan for the rest,” he said of his season goals. “Hopefully get some podium finishes, and I’d like to win a race – that’s for sure.”

Recently, NASCAR released the schedule, mirroring the one used in 2016 with a couple of adjustments, including an evening race at Circuit ICAR and a 100-lap header at Wyatt Group Raceway, versus 300 laps straight-up.

“It’s going to be hard,” Dumoulin said. “A 100-lap race is obviously really short, and tough. Then racing another after that, and a full race four days after that – it’s a big deal. It’s pretty hard on the equipment, but it should be good for a show. We have to head out there with a lot of spare parts.”

Out of all the races on the schedule, Dumoulin notes he’s most looking forward to Trois-Rivieres, with being his “home track, and one of the biggest events” on the season. He has been able to have success at home, posting six top-10s, including a fourth-place finish in 2014.



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