Samantha Busch Talks About the Launch of Murph

NASCAR fans, and non-fans alike actually, are going to have a new spot to shop this year.

Murph Boutique, launched by Samantha Busch on January 26, is an online boutique which carries a wide variety of outfits – casual and fancy – to have every lady looking good on a daily basis.

“I’ve always loved fashion, and it’s always been near and dear to me,” Busch told POPULAR SPEED. “When I was a little girl, I’d always get dressed up, whether it was my stuff or my mom’s stuff, and opening up a boutique is something that I’ve always wanted to do. But the timing has never really been right. There was just all these things – like having a son – that were happening. Now Brexton is 22 months old, it just seemed the timing was right.”

The launch of the boutique wasn’t surprising for many fans, who had gotten to know Busch’s passion for fashion through her blog, which she started about five years ago. The idea came about after fielding questions from fans on twitter about various topics, so that way everybody would have a single “home base” to go for all the information.

One of her blogs in which stood out to many people was her series of blogs about getting pregnant, and going through in vitro fertilization.

“When you’re going through it, it’s an embarrassing time especially when everybody else around you is getting pregnant. I was asking myself, ‘What can’t I have a baby? Is there something wrong with me?’,” she said. “I think the idea of putting it out there is you shouldn’t be embarrassed. These things happen in life. It’s scary time, and overjoying when you do get past that. So I thought it’d be a good idea to put it out there to let other woman know that I’ve been through, I’m someone to talk to, and been to. It’s already hard enough so I wanted woman to feel not as scared about it as I was when I went through.”

Photo Courtesy of Murph Boutique
Photo Courtesy of Murph Boutique

Since the launch, though, ladies have shared their favorites, with orders coming through on a daily basis. With a wide variety of dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, casual t-shirts, there’s no shortage of selection.

“One of the things that we wanted to focus on was our sizes, so we offer everything from small to 3X,” Busch said. “There are some pieces that are upwards $50, but mostly everything falls in that $30 category.”

When it comes to choosing what to wear, Busch says the key is picking the outfit depending on where you’re going.

“Today I’m doing errands so it’s about comfort,” she said. “When you go out somewhere, you need something fancy that fits you well. Even if something is popular, the key is feeling good in it. Everybody is different as there’s things that are fitted, loose, fancy – really try to offer a wide variety so people can always find something that they like.”

On the fancier side, Busch notes the striped midi wrap dress is one of her favorites as it stands out, featuring a series of stripes in different vibrant colors, while being comfortable.

“Another favorite that we have is a pretty in peach jumpsuit,” she said. “I purchased it specifically for a wedding, or a shower – something like that. It’s very flattering. It’s got a little cut-out in the back. It’s just got a nice light color to it, and it’s affordable being only $47. I’ve seen some three times that.

“We also have a lot of nice casuals. There’s fun colored t-shirts that people love, a nice denim skirt.”

The Plus Size collection also features a series of incredible dresses, t-shirts, and more, including a favorite of Busch’s – the floral maxi dress.

“It is stunning,” she said. “It’s in a light blue color with flowers on it, and it has to be one of my favourites with just the color and the flowers and how it comes together. It’s really flattering.

“One of my favorite go-to everything is this denim dress. You can keep it closed and wear it as a dress, or what I like to do, is pair it over one of our simple dresses or outfits. It’s something that you’ll wear over and over again.”


You can check out Murph Boutique by going to



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