NASCAR Pinty's Series

No Pinty’s Series Races Planned for Kerry Micks

Everyone knew there’d be a day when Kerry Micks would step away from the driver’s seat in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series, but it appears it could come sooner than some expected.

While speaking on stage at the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo, the veteran revealed his team Micks Motorsports’ plans for the upcoming season.

As previously announced, Adam Martin will compete for Rookie of the Year as he runs the full schedule.  The teenager made his series debut last year at Sunset Speedway, posting an impressive fourth place finish. He then backed up the performance later on in the season with a sixth at Riverside International Speedway, followed by a fourth to close the year at Autodrome St. Eustache.

Additionally, the team will have Mark Dilley in the No. 02 entry for the ovals, as has been done the past five years. A veteran of the series, Dilley has visited victory lane on three different occasions, with the last win coming in 2011 at Barrie Speedway. Last season, he scored three top-fives and six top-10s in his seven races.

The obvious factor left out was any races for Micks, which earned the question from host Adam Ross whether that meant Micks wasn’t going to race this year. Micks’ response left room for questions as he said, “I didn’t say that.”

For now, it appears Micks’ focus will be on mentoring Adam Martin, as he has been doing the couple seasons through a program at Sunset Speedway and now the Pinty’s Series.

“Its great to help someone that’s coming up through the field and I’m pretty pumped about being able to help him,” he said.

Micks added that the team’s focus is making sure that they unload at each event with a car that suits Martin’s calm driving style so “he has the best car that he can have on the track.”

“That’s an advantage to start off right when you unload at the track with a car that’s working – that’s key,” he said.

While he won’t be racing in the Pinty’s Series – or as planned right now at least, Micks will be behind the wheel of a super late model this season. One of the events he confirmed that he’ll be attending will be Jukasa Motor Speedway in August, which signifies the re-opening of what was Cayuga Motor Speedway for the first time since 2009.

“That’ll be exciting,” he said. “I know when we ran there in the CASCAR days, we were doing close to 130 mph. So there with the super, we will doing close to 160 mph on the backstraight. I’m very excited to get to that track. That’ll be a highlight for me this year.”



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