ARCA Menards Series

Will Rodgers: I Need To Be More Aggressive

With no finishes outside of the top-five, Will Rodgers‘ rookie campaign in K&N Pro Series West has started off well.

“I think it has gone well so far, being that we just started this relationship with my new team – Jefferson Pitts Racing,” he told POPULAR SPEED. “(With) having never worked with Jeff Jefferson before or any of the guys before Tucson, for some reason we clicked right then and there. We could convey what we wanted to each other, understood what we were talking about, and we were able to apply a lot of it to the race track and improve.

“I didn’t think we were going to do as well as we did those first four races, being that I’d never been to those tracks before or been with this team before, or ran up front consistently with guys like Todd Gilliland and Chris Eggleston.”

The positive results have only helped the 22-year-old grow more confident in himself, and his equipment.

“Because I’ve been confident, I’ve been able to focus on the more specific details of how the car’s reacting on the race track and staying consistent and keeping my mind open for learning,” he said.

In search of his first career victory, Rodgers says the key is setting up to be stronger in the race’s second half.

“Also, my driving style needs to become a little bit more aggressive towards the end of these races,” he added. “I come from sports car racing, so being the nice guy there is what you’re supposed to be. But in NASCAR, sometimes you have to push yourself through to get what you want. I think I’m adapting to that, and that is what everybody will see these next few races from me.”

He will get his next opportunity at Spokane County Raceway on May 13.

“I’m really excited,” he said. “Being that the track is so proximity to the shop, we’re able to go test there and dial in our equipment. I’m the kind of driver that if I can take one day of track time and sleep on it, and I come back – we’re 10 times better out of the box there. So I’m feeling pretty good about that.”

For Rodgers, he got his start as a result of his mother discovering two of his classmates were racing go-karts.

“My mom found out and shortly after, we were down there at the go-kart track,” he said. “From that point, you skip ahead a year, and we won the championship. When we did that, we ended up bumping up to full-scale karting program, moved to Southern California and the rest is history.”



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