Cole Pearn Honors Lost Friend at Hockey Hall of Fame

TORONTO, Ontario — While it may be freezing outside, hearts were filled with warmth inside at the Hockey Hall of Fame for the ‘Jacob Damen: Friend and Fan Remembered’ event. Martin Truex Jr., Cole Pearn, and the Damen family gathered together to remember Jacob Damen, who passed away during the summer.

“A lot of people here had a big part in making Cole who he is,” Martin Truex Jr. said on-stage. “He’s been a big part of making my dreams come true, and make my career what it is. So I feel like I owe everyone here a thank you for having me. it’s a huge honor. I want to thank all the people that helped put this together.”

The event was meant to serve as a way for the public and friends to come out to celebrate Pearn’s accomplishment of winning the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship with Martin Truex Jr. and Furniture Row Racing. All the ticket sales, as well as proceeds from the silent auction, went to the family fund.

“I want to start off by thanking everyone that put this together,” Jacob Damen’s twin brother Tyler said. “It’s incredible and overwhelming. There were few people in the world that were closer than Jacob and I.

“We shared everything – a womb, a bedsroom, our parents, our sister, our toys, DNA. We shared passion in traveling, and in sports as fans. We shared friendships. If you were a friend of Jacob, you were a friend of a mine and vise versa. I remember when Jacob came home and said he was friends with CASCAR Cole, or Left Turn Pearn. Eventually I became friends with Cole because like I said, we were always friends with each other. Now here at the Hockey Hall of Fame, I see friends that are mine because they were friends with my brother’s. Even after he’s been gone, I’ve made friends with new people. I’m thankful for every friend that I’ve made because of my brother.”

Damen passed away on August 3 due to a bacterial infection, leaving behind his wife Carolyn, and sons Lucus and Nolan.

Throughout the night, both Truex and Pearn interacted with friends and fans, catching up and taking photos. Attendees were also entertained by a concert put on by Cold Creek County. View photos of the event below.

Stay tuned to Popular Speed for exclusive interviews with both Truex and Pearn in the forth coming days.



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