ASHLEY ASKS….. Jordan Fish

A chance meeting with someone, combined with a fashionable idea, has allowed Jordan Fish to become successful with her line of klutches for Kustom Klutch.

POPULAR SPEED recently spoke with her about the business, while touching upon her relationship with Denny Hamlin.

POPULAR SPEED: How did you get the idea for Kustom Klutch?

JORDAN FISH: Basically, I had bought a bag that was similar from a little boutique, and I used it all the time, used it non-stop. I was working in Charlotte, and my partner – well, before he was my partner, saw me carrying this bag around. I’d take it with me to pit road, because it was perfect being just the right size for everything that I needed. I used to actually take zip-lock bags to pit road, so I guess this is the fashionable edition, I guess. So my partner saw it and asked, “What is that you carry all the time?” and he makes denim jeans. So he goes, “I can make that.” and I’m like, “No, you can’t.” So sure enough, he made a sample and from there, let’s do this and make a line – and that’s what we did.

PS: Out of the klutches that you’ve had, what is your favorite design so far?

JORDAN: There’s so many. I think, for me, the design process is so exciting because I just start with a hide, and kind of see what zippers match it. From there, you have a tassel that will go with it, or a cute charm. I think my favorite though, in the beginning, was the leopard one. That was kind of a staple as leopard is neutral. I love different ones for different reasons.

The black classic – you can’t go wrong with that one because it goes with anything; actually, that one is probably my favorite because I use it every single day. That, and the camo. I have too many favorites.  

John K Harrelson NKP

PS: You did the Sherry Strong Klutch in 2016, followed by the Amy Klutch for the Dale Jr. Foundation in 2017. What does it mean for you to be able to raise that charity money with the business?

JORDAN: It actually means a lot. In the beginning when I started Kustom Klutch, my idea was to have a zipper bag for each charity. So I wanted a pink bag for breast cancer, camo for veterans – but it got too complicated. So we started to focus on different individuals. So Sherry (Pollex) was my first idea, and I wanted to do it in September because that’s Ovarian cancer awareness month. So we had this teal bag in mind, and she helped design it. That was really special, and we were able to raise $7,000 for her cause.

Then Amy (Earnhardt) reached out to me and said she wanted to do something for Dale (Earnhardt Jr.)’s foundation; I was so flattered that she even asked. So at first, I thought we were going to do something with the foundation colors, and we did something that was sort of opposite and I loved it. It was summer time, and she wanted something that girls could really wear, and was fun, and colorful, so that’s what we did. We did something like Amy’s personality – which is so sweet, and bubbly, and great. It’s meant a lot to me that I can actually help other people and other charities raise money for their causes, and have an impact that way. 

PS: When it comes to picking that perfect klutch, what’s your advice?

JORDAN: Well, it just depends on your style. If you don’t like a lot of colors, then the black classic is for you, and the way to accessorize that is just to pair a different color tassel with it. So I tell woman to get different colors so you can change it up, and wear that black classic throughout the year, versus just a certain season. But for me, I like a pop of color. I like something bright and bold, so we’re probably have a couple new spring lines come out and they’re more colorful bags. Then you probably don’t need a tassel or pom-pom.

Each girl is different, and I think it just depends on your style. There’s different clutches for day, and then you can dress it up for night. I think there’s something for everybody.  

PS: Switching things up, how did you and Denny meet originally?

JORDAN: Me and Denny met through the Charlotte Bobcats – they’re the hornets now; I used to dance with them and he had courtside seats. We had mutual friends, too, and they asked me if I liked guys that take left turns, and I didn’t know what that meant at the time. We met, and it took awhile for us to go on our first date. It was about eight months or so, and we’re actually going to be hitting our 10 year mark this year. It’s been a long, crazy ride, but it’s been awesome. 

PS: Now, do you get nervous during the races?

JORDAN: I don’t know if I’m super nervous like some of the other girls may be. I watch it cautiously, and now with the two kids, it’s hard to be out there the entire time on the pit box watching the entire thing. But I definitely get into it. I’m probably like the soccer mom at the top. I’m cheering, hooting and hollering, but it’s fun. It is a little nerve-wracking, but I know the cars are so safe and it takes a really bad hit to hurt somebody, so I’m cautious.  

PS: What’s it like for you being a mother to Taylor and Molly?

JORDAN: It’s the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. Being a mom is incomparable any other job that I’ve ever had. That’s my greatest joy. Taylor is so funny. She’s about to turn five, so her personality is out there and very like she wants to be center of attention all the time. Molly is so funny, because she’s definitely the audience and watch the show – and the show is Taylor. So it’s just nice, because it’s funny how you have two different kids that are totally opposite in personality, and I absolutely love it. 

PS: What’s something that you can say about Denny that people would be surprised to know?

JORDAN: I think people are surprised to know that Denny is actually really funny. Once you get to know him, he has a dry sense of humor that not a lot of people get to see. At home, he’s one of the funniest people that I know, and he can make anybody laugh. I think that’s what I love about him the most.



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