L.P. Dumoulin Destined for Three More Seasons of Competition

TORONTO, Ontario — In a time where it can be difficult to find sponsorship, NASCAR Pinty’s Series competitor L.P. Dumoulin announced on Friday at the Honda Indy Toronto that he has signed a three-year contract extension with WeatherTech.

“It means the world to us,” he told POPULAR SPEED. “WeatherTech has been with us for seven years now – and we’re going for three more, which is awesome. You can’t ask for better than that. it’s great for me and for my family and friends, but for my fans and everybody that has been supporting us forever. It’s great for the team – the girls and boys helping us and working like crazy to make it happen know that we will be working hard for the future in adding three years ahead of us.

“I’ve been very pleased to wear the WeatherTech jersey from day one. For a racer that started from nothing, it just means everything. You know how hard it is to be racing cars so it’s just a blessing.”

The 2014 NASCAR Pinty’s Series Champion is in the midst of his 10th season of competition, currently tied with Andrew Ranger for the points lead following a fifth-place finish in the Grand Prix of Toronto.

“We had a good one,” he said. “I think at one point, we could’ve been really aggressive on the last restart, but the plan we had didn’t work out. So we had to be cautious, but still then, we were fighting for a top-five and it’s wild out there. Everybody really wants to win, and everybody wants to get some position on a restart. So I tried to be cautious. We’re ahead in the championship and we have to smart.

“The WeatherTech Bellemare car has been good for us and we want to keep it that way. A little mistake would’ve cost us a lot there so we’ll make it better for next race out west.”

He will hope to take over the spot solely in the series’ next event, which takes place at Wyant Group Raceway in Saskatoon. Dumoulin has always been strong there, posting three top-fives in seven starts, including a victory in 2014.

“We’re confident,” he said. “The guys have worked it out really well and I think we can do a good job there on the long run at the ovals. So I’m looking forward to Saskatoon and Edmonton, and the WeatherTech Bellemare team has been doing a good job on the cars – the road course and ovals so we’ll keep digging.”



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