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ASHLEY ASKS…… Sheldon Creed

With four wins and 18 top-10’s in 20 races, Sheldon Creed was able to take home the ARCA Racing Series Championship for the 2018 season. The success has brought forth a new opportunity, racing in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series with GMS Racing. 

The California native recently spoke about his success to date, as well as the future moving forward. 

POPULAR SPEED: What are your thoughts on the ARCA Championship?

SHELDON CREED: Pretty stoked about it. It didn’t really come easy. It started off slow, and got better as the season went on. Overall pretty happy with how it went.

PS: What was the most memorable moment of the season for you?


SHELDON: I would say probably winning the first race at Michigan was pretty memorable, or our last win at Kansas was a cool one.

PS: With that championship, you’ve got the opportunity to run some truck races. What are your thoughts on how your first couple starts have gone so far?

SHELDON: Not as well as I expected myself, but I think our next truck will be good for us so I’m looking forward to it.

PS: What are your goals as you close out this truck series season with running these events?

SHELDON: My goals are to run top-five every week, but if that doesn’t happen, then top-10, and if we’re not there, then we got work to do. So our goals are top-five for sure.

PS: Is it possible next time to see you full-time in the truck series?

SHELDON: That’s the goal; that’s the plan right now. We just have to work with partners and put something together for next year.

PS: Now, your background is a little different than some of the recent graduates we’ve seen. How much do you feel your dirt experience has helped you now in asphalt stock cars?

SHELDON: I think it helped in a lot of ways in car control and getting up to speed, but it also gave me a lot of bad habits too. I think that’s what took the longest to learn and slow down a bit. But for sure, there were pluses and minuses.

PS: Looking five years down the road, perhaps longer, what would it mean for you to race in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series?


SHELDON: That’s the goal is to be in a full-time Cup car with a competitive team. I think if I go to that point, I’d look back with no regrets.

PS: Who is your racing hero?

SHELDON: Probably Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, Jimmie Johnson, and maybe a Rob MacCachren.

PS: How did you get your start in racing?

SHELDON: It all started when I was three and a half, four racing on BMX bikes. I went to dirt bikes when I was six or seven, and did that for a few years. Then started in off-road in trophy karts and raced that until a couple years ago.

PS: What would be your advice to someone looking to get into racing?

SHELDON: I feel like the hardest thing is having the funding to do it. Anybody can go race, but having sponsors and funding is the hard part. So you need to find that, and have a never give up attitude.



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