Devel Sixteen Perfect Prescription for Any Speed Demon

TORONTO, Ontario – If you’re a fan of Formula 1 or the NTT IndyCar Series, or really any form of motorsports, no doubt you have a fascination for speed. Fortunately for you, there’s a cure for that.

The Devel Sixteen was recently showcased in North America for the first time at the Canadian International Auto Show, only boasting 5,007 horsepower.

The inspiration for head designer Majid Al Attar came from wanting to do something totally different.

“To be honest, when you live in Dubai, you will be seeing many fast cars – Ferraris, Lamborghinis – very nice cars,” he explained to POPULAR OPEN WHHEEL. “But when you want to stand out and do something really special, you have to do many changes because when you’re driving a special car, you’ll see another special car – maybe more special than yours.

“So me and my brothers were thinking what is something new? We started to do some sketching and came across an F16 jet fighter. Everything started happening, and in 2009, we came out with our first design.”

Currently the car composes of a V-16 cylinder engine to give you the power, but that’s just the beginning. If you want an extra dosage on that prescription, you will be happy to learn that Attar was originally looking to use a pair of jet engines, which would’ve produced 10,000 horsepower.

“But if we do that with the jet engine, it won’t be on the street and street legal,” he noted. “So we changed the plan and searched for something else, and at the end after two years, we came up with this engine.”

Originally shown to the world for the first time in 2013, it has been catching eyes ever since with its sleek design based off of a F16 fighter jet.

“To be honest, when I started designing this car in 2006, I didn’t start with the face of the car – I started with the back of the car,” he commented. “If you look at the car without the headlights, it looks like one of the fighter jets.”

If you’re craving to own one of these, it will only set you back $1.6 million US and you will get it two years after you order it, as they only build seven cars a year in their factory.


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