NASCAR Cup Series

Bubba Wallace – “It’s kind of crazy how focused and determined we are.”

By: Ashley McCubbin
Normally when fans jump on the computer to play a virtual racing game, it’s all about having fun. However, the new NASCAR Pro Invitational Series has certainly turned into a step above that for the NASCAR Cup Series drivers.
“It’s kind of crazy how focused and determined we are,” Darrell Wallace Jr. commented. “On a sim, I don’t know if it’s my setup or my combination of wheel and pedals, but it’s super sketchy. You can make one little twitch in the wheel in real life and you know what’s going to happen. On this, you don’t know when it’s going to spin out. So, it’s kind of hard to judge that. By the time you find out, it’s almost a little too late. My wrists hurt so bad on virtual versus real life because I’m just trying not to do anything crazy or stupid with the wheel.”
The same can be said for drier relations, as well, as frustrations that you may see on a regular Sunday are still happening as well. Drivers don’t forget either, as Wallace was quick to utter his frustrations with Daniel Suarez pulling up in front of traffic at Texas this past weekend.
“Obviously, he wouldn’t do that in real life, so it’s like why in the heck are you doing it on virtual? Yeah, it’s not going to hurt anybody, but you ruin somebody’s race,” Wallace explained. “I don’t know if it’s going to make the comradery better. We still get mad and frustrated, so it’s just virtually versus real life.”
Thus far, Wallace has had mixed results as he was fast at Homestead-Miami Speedway with a seventh, but placed 25th at Texas Motor Speedway after being involved in a late-race accident.
After the craziness that fans witnessed with some wild wrecks in the second half last week, Wallace is anticipating this weekend’s event at Bristol Motor Speedway to be tough. One of the most notable differences already is that while you can bounce off the wall in real life, doing in the game can affect your performance pretty badly depending where you hit.
“It’s going to be tough,” Wallace commented. “There are going to be a lot of close quarters racing. The guys on the bottom may have a little bit of an advantage because it’s so easy to get in contact. Still looking back at the replay of my wreck last weekend at Texas, it was so close that you’re dealing with lag and I felt like I wasn’t there underneath him, and all of a sudden, he was spun around. It’s those things that will take you out of contention quick. There’s definitely going to have to be a lot of give and take.”
Although the competition has continued on the track, virtually, it hasn’t been quite business as usual. For Wallace, he admits being very bored, but has been getting a lot done around the house while playing Call of Duty.
“I’m still kind of being a big kid at home,” he commented. “We’ll try to come up with dinner and lunch plans. We stay at the house as much as possible. I think we’ve quarantined ourselves pretty good. We were able to go over to her mom’s house yesterday for Amanda’s birthday. That’s about the only time we get out of the house, unless we need to go to the grocery store or something. Other than that, just trying not to go crazy. Keep your options open on whatever there is to do.”

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