Treyten Lapcevich Ready for NASCAR Pinty’s Series Opportunity

By: Ashley McCubbin

When you look at motorsports in Canada, there a couple of last names that easily come up in conversation. One of those is Lapcevich, with the next racer in the family ready to move up into the NASCAR ranks.

After a successful APC Auto Parts United Late Models of Ontario tour campaign, Treyten Lapcevich is set to make his NASCAR Pinty’s Series debut later on this summer.

“I’m really thankful for the opportunity given to me by RGC and Leland Industries,” he told POPULAR SPEED. “I’m really excited to make my Pintys debut. I’m going to do my best to make the best of it, gain some experience, and in the end hopefully grab some good runs!”

Lapcevich went on to say that gaining experience is critical this season, and behind the reason with how his schedule is laid out.

“We chose three races because hopefully from those three races I’ll be able to get some good seat time, which will put us in a good position for next year,” he explained. “That being said, I would be really happy to grab some top-five’s in the Pintys series, and maybe even better!”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, Lapcevich was able to get some laps behind the wheel of a Pinty’s Series car, testing at Jukasa Motor Speedway and Sunset Speedway.

“Testing was a great experience,” he commented. “I got a good amount of laps in and got a decent feel for the car. The Pinty’s car is quite a bit different than anything I’ve driven, so it was good to get some laps in so I’m not going in blind this season.”

As noted, Lapcevich enters the series coming off a couple successful APC Series seasons, including a third-place finish in the standings last year following five top-five finishes.

“We had a decent season with the APC series,” he reflected. “Our third place finish in the points standings was really good considering we had 3 DNF’s. As a team we’ve gained a lot of knowledge with the car, and I’ve also gotten better as a driver which had put us in contention of competing for that win on a few different occasions. Really disappointed I didn’t get that first win, but hopefully that’s to come in the near future.”

Lapcevich hopes to make some starts in the series this season within the Pinty’s Series schedule, in hopes of scoring his first career series victory.

“I think I need to be more aggressive to an extent,” he commented. “There was a couple times there where I could’ve been more aggressive to get to the lead and maintain it.”

Although he has not been behind the wheel lately, Lapcevich has been partaking in a lot of the virtual events, from the APC eSeries and Rowdy Energy Speed51 Super Select Series, to more recently the NASCAR Roots iRacing Series.

“IRacing is a lot of fun,” he commented. “Big thanks to the guys at Nascar, APC and Speed51 for stepping up and making all that happen. IRacing is something that I do pretty much all off season, so it was nice for the fans to see how close and competitive it really is.”

While noting the simulator program is “realistic to an extent,” Lapcevich says it’s really hard to replicate everything about racing entirely.

“But they do a pretty good job there,” he admitted. “IRacing helps me to get experience at running at different types of tracks that we wouldn’t generally see here in Southern Ontario. IRacing also gives me a lot of experience on the setup side of things.”

When asked as to what his favourite type of car to race on the service is, he notes that he’s been messing around with the modified a lot as “they’re a lot of fun to drive” and he’s gotten good with their set-ups.

Though as far as what track he has enjoyed the most, that nod goes to the Bullring at Las Vegas, and Southern National.


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