ASHLEY ASKS…… Danial Frost

After scoring a fifth-place finish in the Indy Pro 2000 standings last year, Danial Frost was set to move into Indy Lights this year, before the season was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Recently, though, POPULAR OPEN WHEEL caught up with the Andretti Autosport competitor to get his thoughts on the current iRacing Series and more.

POPULAR OPEN WHEEL: What are your thoughts on the iRacing Series?

DANIAL FROST: I think that during the quarantine, we are unable to do much during the off-time; so with that being said, Road to Indy bringing in an eSeries is a positive things during this tough time. The schedule that they’ve made for racing every week has been quite helpful, as it helps me sim driving and hopefully convert into me being a little bit better in my real life program.

So the program is really good, as it brings a little attention and spectators for each weekend so they’ll be more viewership for the races in the future. So I think it’s done a good job and for the short time that they’ve had, they’ve organized it pretty well I’d say.

POW: What are your thoughts on your success thus far?

FROST: I’ve had a couple of races. I think my highlight would be Road America. Most of my races have been quite decent. We didn’t really have the speed to start up front, so I think we had that low downside during the qualifying so we’d be a bit behind. But during the races, we were able to make up that speed and drive our way to the front. So the results have always been there, and I’m very happy for that, but I think we need to work on getting the car upfront so we have a much better chance at winning the race.

POW: How long have you been involved with iRacing?

FROST: So I pretty much got iRacing the same time that I got my sim rig, so that was probably around 2017. So I’ve been racing on iRacing for about three years, but I haven’t used it as much this last year. Right now, I am using it more than I have ever. So yeah, I’ve been using it quite a lot right now.

POW: So when you’re on the service, do you stick to open-wheel or are you trying other cars and tracks?

FROST: Most of the time, I’d be on the open-wheel cars but occasionally, I am driving different cars and tracks just to have a feel for how the car works. I think that for a guy that like me that doesn’t race a lot of GT cars, stock cars, all those cars like that – I don’t really drive those other than open-wheel so I think it’s a good experience for me in learning how the car handles, and maybe I can convert that technique to when I get back on-track.

POW: What are your thoughts on getting back to the track and moving into Indy Lights?

FROST: I was actually very excited to come back and race, but with the recent news about the cancelation of the Indy Lights program, obviously we’ll just wait and see what we’re going to do this year. But for sure for next year, we’re excited to get ready and hit the track in the Lights cars. With the pace that we had at St. Petersburg, I think we’ll be in contention for winning and podiums.

POW: So sorry about that, I hadn’t caught up on the news in seeing that the season has been cancelled. So as a young driver, how does this affect you in your progress forward up the Road to Indy ladder?

FROST: I think that with the past few years with always moving up every year in the Road to Indy, with that being said, I’ve only been racing for five years. So my momentum is very important for me and the amount of work I put in every week to try and catch-up with the other guys is very important. Now at this time, it’s more important to be prepared and ready for whatever is going to happen because right now, who knows what will happen in the next year or so.

I think that I have to get as much seat time as possible before I start racing in Lights again. So I think some proper testing in the winter will be very good for my future, and being in the car in general is a good way to keep myself in form. Off-track, I still need to be following my daily routines and staying ready.

POW: So out of all the tracks on the schedule, where are you most excited to get to?

FROST: So I am very much looking forward to the Freedom 100 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which is one of the biggest races for my junior career and in the Indy Lights series. I’m very excited for that. I’ve only raced on two ovals so with this being the third one, the third time could be the charm. Hopefully it’ll pay off really good and with how my Indy Lights testing has gone, I think we have a chance of going really well. Hopefully it’ll be fun when we go to Indianapolis next year.

POW: Outside of iRacing, what else have you been up to lately?

FROST: I’ve been trying to catch-up on my school, and cut down on my time so I have as much time in the future so I can focus on my racing. I’ve been working out, doing daily driver routine stuff. One thing that I’ve been car spotting. I like looking at cars and seeing what they are, and the mechanical side of them. They’re beautiful machines and I enjoy doing that kind of stuff. That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing and even though at this time we can’t do much, I’ve been trying to make the most of it and trying to keep myself sane and happy.

POW: Lastly, is there any cars outside of Road to Indy / IndyCar that you’d like to try and get behind the wheel?

FROST: That’s a tough question. I’d like to drive the LMP1 cars. I think those cars are really cool in seeing how fast they are, even with the restrictions. It’s just mind blowing. I’ve driven an LMP2 car and it’s just an amazing machinery. I can only imagine driving an LMP1 car. I think it’ll be one of the most biggest experiences that I would remember.


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