NTT IndyCar Series

Will Power Left Frustrated with Pit Lane Rules Alongside Rocky Start

By: Ashley McCubbin

Will Power is used to winning NTT IndyCar Series races. Though in the first six events, he has unable to do so- scoring a pair of runner-ups and four finishes outside the top-10 instead.

So reasonably so, the Australian is not pleased with how things have gone.

While some of the finishes have been due to his own making, including a pair of incidents on the opening lap at Road America Race 2, he instead turned his frustration to the rules.

When the caution comes out, IndyCar closes pit road, bringing all the cars down together once open. Power feels this ultimately cost him one of the wins he felt was right in his hands this year.

“It’s frustrating when you’re so quick and you keep getting screwed by yellows and INDYCAR because the pits close,” he commented. “That is the most frustrating, annoying thing in history. It’s such a bad rule. It should be changed. It should have been changed this year, and hasn’t.

“Otherwise I would have won a race. Otherwise Josef Newgarden probably would be right up there in the championship, too. Dixon wouldn’t have gotten that freebie win. That’s what I say about the season, man. Screw that bloody stupid closing the pits on yellow crap.”

Even though it’s been frustrating lately, Power feels if they can have some straight-up normal races without issues, the victories will begin to come together.

He added it’s also not enough to make him consider switching series and trying something else.

“They just need to change the rule,” he continued. “They need to make it fair to people who put a hard, good effort in, spend a lot of money to be at the front, not to get screwed and basically get a drive-through because a yellow falls at the wrong time. Just a horrible rule.

“There’s a solution for it, but they don’t want to change it. They should change it. Just a terrible rule.”

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