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Romain Grosjean Suffers Minor Burns in Scary Crash in Bahrain Grand Prix

By: Ashley McCubbin

All things considered, it could have been a lot worse for Romain Grosjean today at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

After a fiery crash on the opening lap, Grosjean suffered burns to the back of both his hands, and will be kept at Bahrain Defence Force hospital as a result.

Grosjean would make contact with Daniil Kvyat, before being speared into the barriers just after Turn 3, with the car snapping in-half following the contact. As the Medical Car team responded to the accident dousing the flames, the Haas F1 driver climbed over the wall unaided.

“The first lap, as normal following them around and just [saw] a massive flame and as we arrived, a very odd scene where you’ve got half a car pointing in the wrong direction and just across the barrier, a massive heat,” Dr. Ian Roberts described the scene. “I could see Romain trying to get up. We needed some way of getting to him. We’ve got the marshal there with an extinguisher and the extinguisher was just enough to push the flame away as Romain got high enough to then reach over and pull himself over the barrier.”

The Frenchman posted a video on Twitter from his hospital room.

FIA Race Director Michael Masi confirmed they have launched an investigation in regards to the crash.

“It certainly was a tough situation,” said Masi. “It’s never something we like to see, a big incident, particularly one involving fire. But I’m glad more than anything that Romain is OK. He’s in hospital under observation and we wish him a very speedy recovery.”

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