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ASHLEY ASKS……. Jack William Miller

By: Ashley McCubbin

After scoring four top-five’s in his second season of Cooper Tires USF2000 competition, Jack William Miller will continue his climb up the Road to Indy ladder, partaking in the Indy Pro 2000 Championship Presented by Cooper Tires. 

The Miller Vinatieri Motorsports driver recently spoke about the transition and more.

ASHLEY MCCUBBIN: What are your thoughts on the upcoming season?

Road to Indy

JACK WILLIAM MILLER: I’m super excited moving up to the Indy Pro 2000. I think it’s a good step up, and the right time for both myself and the team, as the team is fielding an Indy Pro for the first time. So overall, just really excited to get back to racing and back to some of the tracks we missed last year.

ASHLEY: You mentioned moving up. Why do you feel that this is the right time for you and Miller Vinatieri Motorsports to do that?

JACK: I think it’s time because last year, we had a lot of good results, and although the championship results don’t show how good we are, we were consistently running up front and I think it’s time to move up. Rather than stay there and try to win a championship, I think it’s better to go with the flow and move up.

ASHLEY: Knowing it’s your rookie season, what are your goals and expectations?

JACK: My goals are to get used to the car and hopefully run up front, maybe get some podiums and wins. I really expect us to run up front. I think in winter testing at Barber (Motorsports Park) and other places, we’ve gone a long way with the car and how we’re setting up everything, we’re going to be really fast, and I know all the tracks that we’re racing on so I have that advantage from USF2000. So I’m just really excited for it.

ASHLEY: Speaking of the tracks, what tracks are you most excited to get to?

JACK: I’m really excited to get back to Indy (Indianapolis Motor Speedway), but I’m also really excited to go to Toronto again. We missed that last year due to COVID, so it’ll be good to get back.

Road to Indy

ASHLEY: What was the biggest thing you learned in USF2000 that you feel will be beneficial moving up the ladder?

JACK: I think one of the biggest things I learned in USF is to be more patient, and really just learning stuff that it takes a few years to get used to racecars compared to things before then – really small things.

ASHLEY: Obviously being part of the Road to Indy, the big goal is the NTT IndyCar Series. What would that mean to you to reach the pinnacle of open-wheel in the US?

JACK: It would mean a lot if I could get an IndyCar and race in the (Indy) 500. I think it’s a reasonable goal, so I have to keep chipping away at it and this will take me one step closer to that.

ASHLEY: With that said, is there anything outside of IndyCar in motorsports that you’d like to give a shot one day?
JACK: Of course. I’ve always wanted to run the 24 Hours of Daytona, maybe LeMans eventually. I guess F1 is a reasonable goal, but I guess it’s always been a dream.

ASHLEY: And based on your journey thus far, what is one piece of advice that you’d give someone getting started?

JACK: I think that you can get wherever you want with just a lot of hard work and not getting caught in the small things that don’t matter at the end.

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