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ASHLEY ASKS…… Brett Moffitt

By: Ashley McCubbin

Brett Moffitt was able to keep the early momentum going in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, with an 11-place finish on Saturday to back-up his runner-up in the season opener. Though prior to battling on the Daytona International Speedway road course, the Our Motorsports / Niece Motorsports competitor shared his thoughts with NEWS FROM THE PITS.

ASHLEY MCCUBBIN: What are your thoughts looking back on how Daytona Speedweeks played out for you as a whole?

BRETT MOFFITT: Friday night was like a typical Daytona – ended up in someone else’s mess and that ruins your whole night. Thankful we had a fast truck, but not really happy we don’t have much to show for it. So a little bit frustrating, but then going into Saturday and being able to finish second in the Xfinity race and having a really fast car all night made up for the Truck race as it turned out better.

ASHLEY: What is it like for you bouncing between the Trucks and the Xfinity car?

Nigel Kinrade Photography

BRETT: I just like being on-track more. You get more experience. It is a busier schedule, yes, but as a racer, I like to race. I think its helpful for me in progressing as a driver and I think its helpful in the competition side of the race team as well. I can gather knowledge in one race and kind of relay it to the crew chief of the second race. I think its all around good.

ASHLEY: On the flip side this year, you’re with a new team in Niece Motorsports. What has it been like for you in getting adjusted?

BRETT: I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Chevrolet and all the support they gave to me, I think we can turn it into a championship caliber team and we might have to work at pretty hard, but everybody has to do that in racing. I think it’ll be a successful pairing in me, Niece Motorsports, and Phil Gould my crew chief. I really look forward to working with him as we get on here.

ASHLEY: What do you feel you need to do to improve and get better as a driver?

BRETT: You just have to keep working at it. Whether you have tracks you’re good at or not, you have to work at them and figure out how to get better and some people may be content in where they’re at, but that’s not a way to be successful.

ASHLEY: What are your thoughts going into the Daytona road course?

BRETT: Yeah, I love the road courses. I’ve never been a huge fan of plate racing at the big tracks, just cause it always seem get caught up in other people’s messes. So hopefully the road course goes well. I ran really well there last year in the Truck Series and looking forward to getting back out there. I know in the Truck we’re going to start pretty deep in the field based on our finish this past weekend, but I think strategy and speed, we’ll be able to make our way up and contend for a win. Then in the Xfinity car, I get to start up front so that’ll be a little bit smoother sailing and we can go for a win there as well.

Matthew Thacker | Nigel Kinrade Photography

ASHLEY: What’s the biggest challenge?

BRETT: It’s just very flat and low grip, so the biggest challenge is just I would say breaking zone. It’s really easy to overdrive the corners and that’ll put you in a really bad spot as once you’re off, you’re in grass and then you’re in a really bad spot. The challenge is to not overdrive it, but also you can’t give up a lot of time either.

ASHLEY: We have a long schedule ahead of us. What track are you most looking forward to?

BRETT: Really, just whatever is next. I really think with both teams – Our Motorsports and Niece (Motorsports) – we can go out and win on any given weekend at any given race track. Homestead is a lot of fun, Vegas I’ve always ran pretty good at – just looking forward to all of them, really.

ASHLEY: Who would you consider your racing hero?

BRETT: Jimmie Johnson, for sure.

ASHLEY: Last question, passing on advice to young drivers, what would be one piece of advice you’d offer them?

BRETT: I guess just out work everybody. Once you get to a level in racing like I’m at, everyone is – or mostly everyone is pretty talented. It’s all about work ethic and doing the little details right. That’s the hardest thing about winning these races – you have to be perfect on pit road, perfect on the race track, and make really smart decisions.

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