ARCA Menards East

Stephanie Moyer Going from Working in Garage to Behind the Wheel

By: Ashley McCubbin

When the ARCA East Series takes the green flag on Saturday night, Stephanie Moyer will be getting the chance to live out her dream. It hasn’t been an easy road to get here, though, taking a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

Moyer’s interest initially developed through watching family members race before her in Factory Stocks at Evergreen Raceway, highlighted by her uncle taking his first championship. She would get behind the wheel of a go-kart for a couple years prior to her uncle passed away in 2011.

“His car, we still had,” she recalled. “He always pressed my dad to get me behind the wheel, let me take over, and me and my mom made a deal – if I get the championship in the go-kart, we’re going to go on the asphalt and take the car out. That year, we got the championship so I’ve been racing the factory stock for the last eight years and shared a championship title in 2017, and finally got my single championship title in 2020.”

Building her resume, her fiancé’s boss Johnny Davis advised her to reach out to Andy Hillenburg as “he would take great care of me, and I would get the coaching that I need to further my racing career.”

“It’s honestly a good feeling,” Moyer said in working with Hillenburg. “When Andy and I first talked about this opportunity, I really didn’t know much about it until he gave me all the stories about his past drivers, past experience, and what he does. I feel that the drivers who have raced for him have benefited themselves, and hopefully I can get that benefit as well.”

With her first start ahead of her at 5 Flags Speedway this weekend, Moyer says she’ll leave the track with a smile on her face as long as she completes all the laps.

“As long as we finish, I feel that I can take experience and move on with what I have,” she told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “But I do feel with not only a finish, but a top-10.”

in preparing for the event, she’s listened to Hillenburg’s advice as he keeps reminding her they are not there to win right away, and “be patient as it’s 200 laps, worry about yourself (and) race your own race.”

There’s also hope in leaning on other experience she’s gained in the sport through working with Mason Mitchell’s team as part of her program at the University of Northwestern Ohio.

“Just by seeing with Max Tullman with Mason (Mitchell) and just hearing him on the radio, and watching him come in the garage for practice, and making the adjustments there, I feel I can have a better communication with my spotter and crew what I feel is happening based on my past experience with our driver,” she explained.

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