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ASHLEY ASKS…. Kyffin Simpson

By: Ashley McCubbin

After competing in the FIA F4 United States Championship with three top-10 finishes, Kyffin Simpson is ready to get his feet wet in the Road to Indy, set to partake in eight Indy Pro 2000 Championship Presented by Cooper Tires events in 2021. The Juncos Racing competitor recently spoke to NEWS FROM THE PITS about his plans.

ASHLEY MCCUBBIN: What are your thoughts entering the upcoming season?

KYFFIN SIMPSON: I’m really excited for what’s to come. With the testing that we’ve been doing, the team has been really strong so I think it could be a really good year – possibly for a championship, but if not, a couple wins.

ASHLEY: What are your goals and expectations in being a rookie?

KYFFIN: Well, my goal is always to win the championship, but expectation, I don’t think winning the championship is necessarily something that I have to do or else I’ll be frustrated with myself. I think it’s just a good goal to have, but I expect to do really well.

ASHLEY: What track are you most looking forward to?

KYFFIN: Right now I’m really looking forward to Barber, but I also really like the Mid-Ohio track, but probably Barber.

ASHLEY: So you’ve been partaking in some pre-season testing. How has that gone for you so far?

KYFFIN: It has gone really well. The team has been really great to work with and we’ve been really quick so far. I think coming into the season, we’re going to do really well.

ASHLEY: Why do you feel that Indy Pro 2000 is the right next step in your career?

KYFFIN: I think it’s the right step because it’s a great way to get to IndyCar, and that’s my goal right now – to get to IndyCar and hopefully win a championship, I think Indy Pro is a great way to start getting used to tracks that IndyCars will race on and ovals is a big thing.

ASHLEY: How did you get started in racing?

KYFFIN: I first started racing at the local track in Barbados and I did two years driving in the series there, and I won in my rookie year and the year after that. After that, I decided to start racing in America.

ASHLEY: What’s been the most memorable moment of your racing career to date?

KYFFIN: My most memorable moment was probably getting to go to France for the World Finals, because that was a big thing for me in never being to a Europe race.

ASHLEY: Who would you consider your racing hero?

KYFFIN: Probably Will Power.


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