Logano “Excited About Going to Martinsville,” But Ready to Celebrate First

By: Ashley McCubbin

Before the year began, a lot of people pinned Joey Logano as a driver to be able to reach victory lane early. Admittedly seeing six different winners, it was increasing his angst to get there himself.

He does not have to worry anymore, doing so in historic style by winning the first NASCAR Cup Series event on dirt in 51 years.

Fortunately, the momentum could be coming at the right time for the Team Penske driver, considering his past success at the next venue on the schedule, Martinsville Speedway.

Everybody remembers his victory in 2018, courtesy of a bump-and-run to Martin Truex Jr. to get into the Championship 4. Though he’s had success outside of that one instance, scoring seven top-10’s in his last 10 appearances at the paperclip.

“Martinsville is obviously a great track for us,” he told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “It’s a great racetrack for Paul Wolfe maybe even more so for me. Glad to be driving his car there. Seems like they’ve been able to have some good cars there in the past.”

Finding his stride is certainly going to be focus now the win box is checked as the first seven races haven’t been smooth sailing, with three finishes outside the top-10 including a 25th. Notably, he and his teammates have spent time at the front of the field at each event in the first stage, but have seemed to fade throughout an event.

“Our 750 rules package is spectacular, capable of winning every time we’ve been out with that, whether it’s on the road courses, Phoenix, been pretty good,” he cmmented. “Obviously that gets me excited about Martinsville. Today kind of like a 750 package, I don’t know what you would call this one, but we had the big motors in at least.

“Our 550 stuff is a weakness. We need to continue to work at that to try to understand where we’re off there. I wouldn’t say we’re way off, but we’re not in contention to win yet with those races. Just got to keep looking at it and trying to figure out where that’s at.”

If everything begins to come together, Logano could see himself as the first repeat winner, having had success at both Richmond Raceway and Talladega Superspeedway previously and those tracks just around the corner.

Though for now, those events are far out of the mind as the past Cup Champion admits keeping his focus on the victory and break right ahead.

“Honestly I’m going to enjoy this though, first,” he said. “I feel like we never enjoy victories enough. We’ll enjoy this, have a great Easter break with our families, fire away when we get back.”

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