“Shit Show Restarts” Result of Lack of Grip and Aggressiveness

By: Ashley McCubbin

With multiple incidents throughout the 200 at Darlington Raceway, there were several restarts. A couple of those went affray, with three-wide battles resulting, and even a 18-truck pile-up when the Kyle Busch Motorsports teammates spun tires on the front row.

So when Fox Sports 1 asked Stewart Friesen for his thoughts afterwards, there was no shock in hearing him say, “It’s been a little bit if a shit show every restart that we’ve had.”

The tire spinning on each restart came as a result of a couple factors, from lack of grip, greasy track, more rubber laid down compared to previous seasons, and the overall aggressiveness of the series.

“At least for myself, I feel like we’ve had less grip this year than we had at all last year,” Sheldon Creed told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “Spinning tires – pretty much anything if you didn’t have stickers, it was easy to do. I restarted on old tires a couple times and I’d get it rolling, shift, and it’d be still easy to spin it in second gear. I think we saw that quite a bit of tonight.”

While certainly everything combined resulted in some drivers wrecked out and others frustrated, it’s also why competitors love trying to tackle the track that is too tough to tame.

“Look – you spin the tires really easy here, but this is a really challenging track – step up or step out, that’s what I say,” Ben Rhodes told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “I thought they were fun. I thought they were challenging. You have to be on you’re A-game. You can’t put yourself on someone else’s door. I obviously did but that was the last lap, but other than that, I didn’t – and that was going for the win; I still finished the race and didn’t wreck out, right?

“You have to make calculated risks and make runs and be on the offensive, and that’s every place that we go to in the Truck Series. I wouldn’t say it’s Darlington that causes this. It’s just people driving wild and it’s a narrow race track so you have to figure it out, and I guess there were a lot of people tonight that were taking more than they gave, and that seems to be a theme in the truck series.

“A lot of people take and sometimes you have to give if you want to finish the race, and that’s all there is to it.”

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