Jordan Anderson – “This is a race and not a sprint for us; we’re in this for the long term.”

By: Ashley McCubbin

When Jordan Anderson burst on the scene, he caught the attention of every NASCAR fan in the sport with his story – driver / truck owner, chasing after his dream with the allotted funds.

Now in his eighth season, Anderson has been able to expand his organization in regards to equipment, while experiencing success along the way with a couple runner-ups at Daytona International Speedway.

“This I definitely a race and not a sprint for us. We’re definitely in this for the long term,” he told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “There’s always the balance of not spending more than you can afford to spend and keeping your stuff in check. Definitely comes down to having really good equipment at the end of the day, but we want to be here for years to come.

“So we really made the investment in our Xfinity program this year, and hopefully they’ll be return on that to help support our truck program in the long run.”

The journey was supposed to take him into the NASCAR Xfinity Series with having purchased some equipment, however Anderson failed to qualify for the season opener at Daytona. With the current qualifying matrix utilized by the sanctioning body, he will not be able to make another attempt until time trials take place again in a couple weeks at the Circuit of the Americas.

Despite the adversity, though, Anderson has been taking what he can from 2021, in learning “you can plan all you want to, but things will happen as they happen.”

“I’m still having a good time,” he told said. “I can’t complain, life is still good. I turn 30 this year, I got engaged, I got some Xfinity cars so lots of good stuff still going on, still very blessed. Excited to see what the rest of this year has in store. It will not hurt my feelings to see qualifying and practice come back somewhere next year to get the Xfinity car back running, but thankful for everything we got going on. We got some great people working in the shop and some great partners.”

He has also remained heavily involved in the Truck Series, as evident by the aforementioned runner-up at Daytona.

“The truck program on the back burner with all the focus on the Xfinity deal and then we go down there and finish second again,” he commented. “That was such a cool finish down there in Daytona. For our team and what we got, anytime we can go get a finish like we did at Daytona is a highlight for the whole year.”

The resulting change in shift with his program has allowed him to focus on sponsorships, doing more with their B to B (business to business) model, allowing for new partners to be involved.

“It’s been cool to learn more about that side of things and strategize more and learn more about these partners,” he said. “So hopefully that’ll be a good base foundation for our program for many years to come.”

Moving forward, Anderson also is ready to turn his current three shops status with two locations in Statesville, North Carolina and one in Morresville, North Carolina to a single spot for 2022.

If everything comes together, a win could easily be in Anderson’s hands. When it does happen, he notes that he probably won’t sleep for two days.

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