Formula 1

Hamilton on Contract – “We never want to be in the position that we were in in January.”

By: Ashley McCubbin

Even though Lewis Hamilton is considered an elder statesmen in the sport at the age of 36, he is proving that he can still get the job done.

“There’s still some life in this old dog,” Hamilton commented after the Spanish Grand Prix. “I would say I’m more conscious than ever about my body, about my training regime. I’ve been training myself for a long time now but constantly growing and learning how to look after, naturally, the vessel that I’m given and feeling great.”

If there was ever a question about Hamilton’s ability to get the job done, that was immediately erased in the first four races with three trips to victory lane and a runner-up. In return, he is hoping the success leads to a quicker contract signing than last season.

Through 2020 as teams began announcing their pairings for the year ahead, a question mark remained alongside Hamilton and Mercedes, lasting until a month before the 2021 campaign.

“We never want to be in the position that we were in in January, in February,” he said. “It ruined my whole winter and I’m sure it wasn’t helpful for Toto’s, in terms of being out to be off and relaxed, so it felt like we didn’t really have much of a break. I think we have to be sensible. Naturally we don’t have to rush anything but I think we have to be sensible and start conversations.”

The sentiment is shared by team manager Tot Wolff, who feels “there’s no reason the marriage shouldn’t continue,” and allowing conversation to go through the Christmas holidays is taking things too far.

“I think we are in a very good place and our relationship is growing stronger every year,” Wolff added. “It’s about time to give it a little nudge and start to speak and this is what we are going to do soon.”

Although everyone tends to believe it’s just getting the pair to sit down and sign a piece of paper, that’s not quite the case. Every contract always includes a bunch of other details, from money to actions that must be fulfilled by both parties.

“They’re very complex, it’s never a super simple procedure and so hopefully soon we can start, as long as it doesn’t interfere the actual job,” Hamilton said. “We still have 19 races to do but it would be great to get something in place before the break so then we could, again, be in that break and have a clear picture of the future.”

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