SRX Series to Embrace Streaming

By: Mitchel Breuer


A form of media that has quickly risen in popularity with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime to become a popular way people consume entertainment, with major players like Disney, NBC, and HBO creating services over the last couple of years.

However, something not heavily affected by this change is motorsports, with the likes of NASCAR, Formula 1, and IndyCar still mostly reliant on cable-like services to distribute their product.

NASCAR has a relationship with Netflix, but it has been used to create shows such as “The Crew” and the upcoming docuseries surrounding 23XI Racing, not any action. Though, the sport has tested the water, airing the ARCA Menards Series East and West, along with other regional racing, live on NBC’s Trackpass. However, none of the sport’s top-three series have aired live on a streaming service. 

The same deal goes for IndyCar, who like NASCAR, have used Trackpass, along with NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, but again, never for NTT IndyCar Series races.  

Formula 1, like NASCAR, is using a relationship with Netflix to create a docuseries surrounding the sport, which many have said has help the sport’s popularity, but still remains on cable television when it comes to its races.  

However, motorsports’ newest series, SRX, has taken an opposite approach as they gear for the launch of their product. 

While their races will be televised live on CBS, they will also stream simultaneously on the streaming service, Paramount+, with CBS Sports Chairman, Sean McManus, saying that it was “very important” it be incorporated.

“In many ways, the future in broadcasting is in some ways going to be determined by how successful you are with your streaming product,” McManus told News From The Pits. “So I think, like all sports, our goal is to enable the viewer to consume this content in any way that he or she wants to, whether it’s on a phone, whether it’s on a traditional TV with the cable bundle or a satellite bundle, whether it’s on his or her laptop or the streaming device, whatever the mechanism is that the viewer wants to consume this content, we want to make sure he and she can do that.” 

With this mindset, McManus says that figuring out streaming is a huge priority to CBS, and with Paramount+ being a valuable option, especially with its 36 million users; it creates the perfect opportunity to introduce SRX to a big audience. 

“Paramount+ is growing substantially each and every month, and to have on really good content that skews towards sometimes a younger and even a more diverse audience is something that we’re striving for,” McManus said. “So, this series fits right into the wheelhouse for both CBS Primetime, from a linear standpoint, and also, from Paramount+ from a streaming standpoint. So, it is a great vehicle for us, and I think is going to drive subscriptions and it’s going to hopefully drive your ship on our network.” 

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