Nemechek on Success – “Kyle has definitely been a huge help.”

By: Ashley McCubbin

When John Hunter Nemechek took the checkered flag at Pocono Raceway, it marked his fourth win of 2021. He also won the inner team bet with the boss.

Kyle Busch is allowed to run five NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races a season, and Nemechek wanted to get the upper hand on the boss to prove his ability. All those events complete, and he did so, scoring three while Busch got the other two.

While Nemechek bragged about beating Busch post-race on Saturday, he’s also the first to thank the boss for their success.

“I think Kyle has definitely been a huge help with that,” Nemechek told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “Any time he is behind the wheel, he is always asking for more and trying to get better. For myself, being able to have him as a boss, friend, someone that I can ask questions and pick his brain about, I feel like he’s the type of guy that will shoot you straight, tell you how it is whether you like it or not. I really like that as if I mess up, I want to be told that I messed up, I need to do a better job and that fuels me.

“For me, it’s doing whatever it takes to get better but there’s a lot of hard working people at Kyle Busch Motorsports and in the Toyota R&D Camp that put in the time and effort to make the program as successful as it has been.”

Currently boosting an 86-point lead over Ben Rhodes, it’s easy to see why Nemechek is the favorite for the championship. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking for ways to improve.

“I think we’ve been really consistent,” he offered. “We just need to continue pushing and looking to get better. I think overall the biggest thing for us is just continuing to improve our equipment and trying to continue to get better. Everyone at Kyle Busch Motorsports is working really hard. We’re all pushing for more, so hopefully we have a lot more to come before the playoffs start and once the playoffs start.

“I know leading the points right now can buy us the points lead going into the playoffs, and hopefully we can maintain that to get this championship.”

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